Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wash Day @ 30 Weeks Post

Hey ladies
Lets get straight to it.

  • Pre-pooed with Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque, Their Volumizing Conditioner, my arsenal of oils, and what I could get out of my Giovanni Smooth as Silk DC. I applied this on dry hair and left this on for about a hour. Rinsed.
  • Shampooed with (a newbie) Garlic Shampoo 1x and then 1x with my Joico k-pak Shampoo then rinsed.
  • Next I used Aubrey Organics Balancing Conditioner. I left this on while I got and mix my deep conditioner. When I was rinsing this out, my hair felt really really soft, I might switch and use this instead of my PMSSDT.
  • After that I applied my deep conditioner that consist of the last bit of the giovanni, Aunt Jackie's In Control( I only have a little left for one more wash day so I have to restock), and Roux 233 Moisture Recovery. I left this on with heat for 45 minutes and without for 5-10 minutes. Rinsed.
  • I detangled with my shower comb and only got a little bit of shedding. This was the part where I add my leave-in, but I got half way through with the rods and realized that i didn't put any leave-in in. So. Yeah. I just used my Moitions wrapping lotion to set my hair on the rods.

So apart from the no leave-in, it was a quick wash day. I did everything in I'll say about 5 Hours, when I usually take the whole day to wash. (Happy Dance)


  1. Great post. Is the Garlic Shampoo you use for shedding? Did you make it yourself or is it store bought?

    1. Thank you!! Yes I have alot of extra shedding due to me dyeing my hair. I bought it at my local beauty supply on sale so I'm hoping it will help reduce the shedding over time!!