My Regimen & Staples

My & Kids Regimen

Regimen & Staples are subject to change depending on my hair NEEDS/WANTS!!!!

Deep condition on dry hair with moisturizing conditioner for 25-30
Co-wash with Co-washing Cleanser
Detangle, apply leave-ins, 
& seal using L.O.C. Method, then apply oil to scalp
Air Dry
( I may Co-wash more depending on how my hair feels)

Saturday (Wash day)
Pre poo with light protein and blend of oils/hot oil treatment for 1 hour or more with/without heat cap
Rinse, then shampoo (moisture/protein which ever one my hair needs)
Tea rinse
Rinse, then condition with conditioner of choice
Deep condition with moisturizing conditioner(protein treatment if needed) for 1 hour or more with/without heat then rinse
Detangle, apply leave-ins, & seal using L.O.C. Method, then apply oil to scalp
Air dry in a Protective style

Moisturize & seal in sections or just apply moisturizer to ends if needed.
I apply JBCO every other day which is 4 times a week!

Protective Styles
Braid outs
Bantu knots
Twists outs
Box braids
Wash n Go's (Is go to style)

1st Saturday of each month
How I clarify:
Pre-poo w/ hot oil treatment
Clarifying shampoo
Strong protein treatment
Mild moisturizing deep conditioner
Detangle and apply Leave-ins
Apply heat protector
Air dry, then flat iron, and trim (every 6 Months)
Moisturize and seal
Apply oil to scalp

Bedtime Routine
Moisture & seal
Protective style
Wrap with satin scarf

My Children's Regimen

Shampoo, condition, T-shirt Method, detangle, apply leave-ins, & seal with the L.O.C. Method

Deep Condition for 5 minutes


Protective Style
My kids hair stay in protective style for week or more depending on the condition of their hair


Shampoo/Co-wash Cleanser
Joico K-pak Color Therapy Shampoo (Clarify)
Ouidad Co Wash
Camille Rose Naturals Creme Restore Conditioning Cleanser

Conditioner (RINSE OUT)
Aubrey GPB Balancing Conditioner
Hairveda-Moist Condition 24.7
Curl Junkie-Curl Assurance Smoothing Daily Hair Conditioner
Hairveda-Acai Berry Phyto

Deep Conditioner (I love DC so this will vary)
Shea Moisture-Deep Treatment Masque
Hairveda-Sitrinilla Deep Hair Masque
Bel Nouvo-Creamy Castor Custard
Sarenzo-Hair Conditioning Hair Mask

Shea Moisture-Extra Moisture/Restorative Conditioner
Hairveda-Whipped creme Ends Hydration (also used as moisturizer)
ApHogee- Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer

Moisturizers/Stylers/Refresher Sprays
Camille Rose Naturals-Almond Jai Twisting Butter
Jmarie Naturals- Brazil Nut Butter

Joico-K-pak Reconstrut Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor
Aubrey-GPB Balancing Conditioner
Tresemme-Heat Tamer Leave-in Spray

Jamaican Black Castor oil
Coconut oil, Grape seed oil, tea tree oil,  jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil, Shea Butter oil,  Avocado oil, and Hairveda Vatika Hair Protection Frosting

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