Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wash Day

Relaxed @ 4 Weeks post.
Well I washed my hair on 9/29-30. The night before I decided to do a all night deep conditon on dry hair. So I oil my scalp with my blend of oils and then put in my Elasta QP Soy OYL. Well I didnt get uo right away when I woke up, I decided to relax in the bed for a little while. Bit while I eas relaxing the back of my head started to itch. I proceed to rub it but that made it worst so I went to get in the shower. I did my regular routine with my shampoo and then condition but it only eased the itching for a little while. I did my normal leave-ins, air dry, and then tie down with a scarf but its still itching in the back.
So that was a miss!!!
Doing a little shopping this afternoon will report back soon.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Off day Wash day

Today my oldest son is off for a Jewish holiday and my fiancé is off because this is the day that his job decided to give him. So yeah its a full house and everyone is calling my name. Lets do a run down so you can know the ages. My eldest is 5 will be 6 in December, my second son just turned one this year, and my baby girl will be 2 months of the 1st. So yes a full house with hubby.

Today is a regular wash day when I add my moisturizing deep conditioner which is my Elasta QP DPR-11+. It has a lot of good minerals, vitamins, and essential oils that give your hair the penetrating moisture that it needs. I going to try the whole line since my hair loves the DPR and the Soy OYL Ultra Hydration as my protein treatment. The DPR smells so good and light. I also don't have to us alot to get it to penetrate from tip to root. What I do is part my hair in three sections and start at the bottom and work my way to the top. Put a plastic cap over my hair and sit underneath the dryer from anywhere between 15-30 minutes. Once finish I let that cool down I rinse and then Co-wash with my suave professional. I pin up my hair and let it sit while I finish my shower, rinse with Lukewarm water then with cool. I then apply my leave-in using the L.O.C. Method, that I explained in my last post, which I am finding that it is really helpful with locking moisture in my hair whereas I don't have to keep applying moisturizer thru out the day. I can even go up to two days without putting any moisturizer to my hair which I absolutely love!!!! I then let my hair air dry for about an hour to a hour and a half, then I wrap my hair so I can get it trained to memorize this style and then put my scarf on. Once I feel like its almost completely dry I then apply my Jamaican black castor oil to my scalp, re-wrap and let it finish dry to the next morning.
Since I don't really have to many places to go unless its either appointments or other motherly duties I mainly keep my hair wrapped up to help retain more length.
The pic below is how my hair turns out when I'm done with the process. Shiny, soft, and very moisture.!

Monday, September 24, 2012

After dentist co-wash!

Today my boys had a dentist appointment at 330. My Hubby didn't get off until 300 so that set me back, having to dress myself and the kids, then driving up the street and getting the oldest because he doesn't get out until 340. So I'm in a terrible hurry. We ended up get there at 355 and was still seen in a timely manner. My one year gets he's teeth checked and cleaned first while my oldest gets he's teeth x-rayed. Well when its time for my eldest turn the dentist tells me that he has two cavities that
needs two light fillings. Well that just tops off my crazy day. I just couldn't wait to get home!!!!
To wash my hair! Which is very relaxing for me. Today was just a regular wash day with a conditioner. I'm using currently for a everyday conditioner suave professional aloe Vera & ginseng volumizing conditioner. Then I use my Aussie moist 3 min deep conditioner that I leave in my hair for the rest of the time I'm in the shower. Then I rinse it out using cold water to lock in the moisture.
For me the suave gives me good slip for it being the first time I have used this product. The product is 100% all natural and I think I will be keeping this in my regimen. I'm still building it trying to find out with products works best for my hair problems!
I'm also trying a new method for moisturizing and sealing called the L.O.C. Method.
I learned this from a hair guru blog that I can't remember at the moment but once I do I will add her name and the website. Anyway the liquid is already the water from when you wash your hair but what I do is add my leave in on my damp hair. My leave-in of choice is my infusieum 23 repair & renew. Then add my all natural oil which is at the moment olive oil. Then my creme which is Cantu shea butter leave in.
When I'm finish I let my hair air dry for about an hour then I wrap it with my satin scarf and when thats done I will put a lil caster oil on my scalp.  Well thats my routine for my Monday co-wash..

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Second beginning!!

So I had my second baby within two years and this time its was a girl.
But now I have became a SAHM. So I decided three things. First, start to workout, second get really focus on my healthy hair regimen, and third start growing my blog. With my hair journey I always had a passion for hair with braiding, weaves, and other various things. I continue to develop my skills and I would like to include you with my experience!
Well with my workout, I started with the biggest loser workout vid. After I get my oldest ready and off to school. Then get my second little one he's breakfast, I promptly start my workout @ 9. Doing my warm up and and actual exercise takes all about 30 mins. I then get a healthy breakfast and count my calories for the rest of the day.
With my healthy hair journey I actually started in April and really did see results. But I started getting lazy towards the end of my pregnancy. I wasn't really doing my co-washes,  was pushing back my wash days, and most importantly I was not wrapping my hair up at night :-(  So now I started trying knew products to help target my hairs weakness and see what works for my hair. I'm protecting my hair to keep it moisturize and keeping up with my washes. I will keep you posted on any new things I try. I've already become a product junkie!!!!
With growing my blog, I'm doing it now with just writing about my life!!