Monday, March 25, 2013

New blogger OLD POST

So my name is Kenesha Broderick. 24 year old baltimore native, but my familys from jamaica so you know times can be wild. I have two sons one is 4 ,will be 5 in a week, and a 5 month old. Currently working two jobs but im really in a money making mode that i want to take on more. So i have ideas in the process. S/N working on one right now as i type!!!! I feel that i have alot of things that im passionate about i just have to single one out and focus on it. A little more about me i am a total peoples person. I like to talk once i warm up to people which won't take me long to do. I also love to laugh and to make people laugh. But i will do my best with this blog thing so guys just bear with me and I'm sure i will produce some good stuff!!!!

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  1. Money you say? I wont get any commissions on this idea but I do it here in Canada so the border blocks me from gaining but have you thought of selling avon/recruiting others using avon?