Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review #27: Siamese Twists

Hey Guys

Okay first off please forgive me for the lack of posts. I have started a new job working with babies and being that I have three kids of my own, I am extremely tried when I come home. Having to deal with my kids before work, then go to deal with infants, and then back home to mines. Not to mention I still have school work that needs to be done. But anyway, I am going to try to bring you a post or two a week and I will be starting off with a review.

I was contacted a week ago by the owner of Siamese Twist, "Ms. Nik", with an opportunity to do a review. I initially contact her in the beginning of last year and she told me she would get back to me when she came out with a new product. Well I was contacted and here is my review.

Lemon Cake Twist Butter 10oz- 15.65$ & Light Protein Hair Reconstructor 8oz- 12.75$
Promises: Natural hair products for natural transitioning and permed hair. Adds much needed moisture, sheen and softness. My richly scented Body Butters and Body Oils will instantly make your skin feel silky smooth.
Ingredients: (LCTB) Mango, Shea, Cocoa, Sunflower, Palm, Aloe Vera, Brahmi, Olive, Emulsifying wax, Germall Fragrant Oils.
(LPHR) soy, water, hydrolyzed wheat protein, hydrolyzed collagen protein, goats milk, hempseed, silk peptide 

My Experience: I received the butter on the 11th. I hadn't washed my hair since the 1st of March when I clarified my hair using the new Neutrogena Anti breakage set. *Review* My hair had product on it but was a little dry. I used it that night on old hair and when I took my hair out the next morning the definition was excellent. Through out the day, from weather to kids grabbing my hair, my twist out was still in tacked. My roots frizzed up no doubt but my curls remained. That night when I got home I did notice that my hair need a moisture lift. This was from me not moisturizing my hair since I believe that Saturday and water is not in the list of ingredients on this product. I decided to use Camille Rose Naturals Curlaide before using the twist butter. When I woke up and took down my hair, my twist out was the everything. My hair stayed moisturized through the Nevada weather and going to work. I didn't need to reapply any thing that night I just simple put my hair in 12 large twist before wrapping my hair up that night. Friday morning my hair was still extremely moisturized like I just put the product in the night before. Only thing that ruined my curls was spraying it with a refresher. I haven't found a refresher that actually brings out my curls and not frizzing it up. Saturday night I washed my hair with my staple Ouidad for a cleanser, Curl Junkie for my rinse out, and then I used the Light Protein Hair Reconstructor for my deep conditioner. I did not use heat just put on a plastic cap and let it set for an hour. Once I did rinse it out, even though it is light, I had to rinse my hair twice to get the product out. My hair did absorb it well and being that it was a treatment it left my hair soft like a conditioner would. Once I was done coloring my hair I used Apohgee Leave-in and then seal with the twisting butter. OMG I CAN NOT TELL YOU GUYS HOW WELLLLLL DEFINED MY HAIR WAS!!!! The moisture level was off the charts. I just could stop touching or looking at my beautiful curls.
 I love my products to have a sweet or perfume smell to it. That being said when I seen the label stating lemon cake I had to prepare myself. When I opened the jar I had to restrain myself from licking the jar. My mind confused it for a second with butter crème icing and I was about to go to town.
  The feel of both of these products are extra light, like a air whipped type butter. When I initially opened the jars I felt like I would need to be generous with these products but I was totally wrong. My first use of the butter I just used the product that was in the lid and for the reconstructor I hardly put a dent in it.
Ms. Nik has developed a new label for her new brand of items so be on the look out for that.
Pricing for me is right in the range of the quality of the products. Being that they are all natural I expect the prices to be different then products that you by out of a regular store because they are not loaded with harmful ingredients.
Will I be purchasing again? Yes I would definitely like to repurchase the twisting butter. The smell alone won me over and the results of my twist out made me reach for it for the pass couple of days instead of my staple. The reconstructor was a little heavy for my hair because I have fine hair. A natural with a coarser texture I feel this product would be perfect for them. It preform the task it was meant to do by giving my hair the light boost it need and that was shown by how well my hair took to the coloring I did.

Lemon Cake Twist Butter: A+
Light Protein Hair Reconstructor: B-

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Now I have a Surprise. Ms. Nik offered to do a giveaway for the readers of this post. Simply fill out the form to enter!
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Help Tip Tuesday

Hey Guys

I am going to try and bring back helpful tip Tuesday. So here is a couple of helpful makeup tips!

Wash day @ 27 weeks

This wash day was a Camille Rose Naturals kind of weekend using all staples.

I started off with CRN Creme Restore Conditioning Cleanser making sure to massage my scalp and working the cleanswr down to the ends. Washed that out. Next I detangled with CJ Smoothing Conditioner and also massaging my scalp for a minute or two. I rinsed that out with warm water to keep my cuticles open and squeezed out the extra water with my hands.
For my deep conditioner I used CRN Algae Dee conditioner (the old formula). I left this on for more then 2 hours before rinsing it out. For my leave ins I sprayed my hair with ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer, coated with HoneyChile HairLove's Caramel Milk & Vanilla Bean Curl Taffy, and then sealed with CRN Curlaide Moisture Butter. Now it was my first time using it and I really didn't know what to do with it so I decided to revamp my LCO method and change the oil to a butter. I know your thinking this may be to heavy on my hair. I made sure to use a dab of each working it from root to tip!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wash day @ 26 weeks

Lets get straight to it!

I rinsed my hair with warm water for a minute or two to lift up some of the dirty before Quidad Curl Co Wash through out my hair. Making sure to get to my scalp.

Right now I am at the point where I am tried of taking 5 minutes to make a decision on what I am going to use in my hair. I know what makes my hair soft and manageable so I'm really trying to use up things that I'm not using. So for my rinse out conditioner of choice that I use as a detangler was Shea Moisture Extra Moisture Conditioner. I left this on my hair for 3 minutes while I did a little finger detangling and then using my Tangle Teezer.

Once that was rinsed out I wanted to try my homemade deep conditioner that I am working on. I tried it on old hair but this time I wanted to try it on fresh washed hair with heat. I sat under the bonnet dryer for about 25 minutes before washing it out. My hair felt restored and slightly strong. My curls...well you can see in the pic to the right!

For my leave ins I used Shea moisture extra moisture conditioner. Followed by a newbie by HoneyChile HairLove. I know I contradicted my self because I'm trying to use up my stash. But I am still trying to find stylers which I have none of and you also know that I love deep conditioners which I feel you can never have to many of. So from first impression of the Caramel Milk & Vanilla Bean Curl Taffy, it not my socks off. One of my swap sisters sent me a couple of stylers to test out. One of them was Curl Junkies Curls in a Bottle. I'm guessing it is like a serum that holds your look together because the bottle states that it controls frizz and adds shine. I used it a couple of times and its was "mah" to me. Some other things that she sent to me that I gave more the 2 tries was Cream and Cocos Curls for Days & Chocolate Marshmallow Pudding. I tried both of these together, I tried them separately, I tried them on freshly washed hair, on old hair and all I can say is my hair did not like them. My hair was dry at one put after putting it on, then another it was to oily where I had to to wash my hair, it just seem to me that the product was sitting on my hair and not being absorbed. That was a huge no no! 

Happy Hair Journey!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Makeup Of The Day

Hey ladies

Was playing in my make up and wanted to show you guys what I did!

Here's what I used

Olay oil minimizing toner
NYC smooth Skin Perfecting Primer mixed with Cream & Coco's Honeyed Green Tea & Hibiscus Toning Moisturizer.
Elf Eyelid Primer

NYX Eyebrow Cake powder 02 Dark Brown/Brown

NYX Concealer in Nutmeg
L.A.Girl Pro Conceal in Toffee (For under eyebrows and highlighter for face.)

Sleek's Divine Storm 578 Palette (I tried to take a good pic of the palette. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this palette. It is extremely pigmented.)
Jordana Fabu Liner
L'Oréal Volumimous Million Lashes
EYE eyelash adhesive
Elf Ultimate Eyelashes

BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation I
in Deep Beige mixed with 
Black Opal 
in Nutmeg
Contoured with Black Opal 
in Suede Mocha
Too Faced Ooh La Rouge- Creme Brulee

NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder
Black Opal 04 Dark Deluxe Finishing Powder
Elf Makeup Mist & Set

Maybellline 030 Nevering Ending Nude
MAC Flair For Finery

Crown Brush: 
Pro Prowder
Tapered Blush
Crease Blender

Stipple Brush
Mineral Brush
Angled Foundation Brush
Fan Brush
Contour Brush
Eyeshadow C Brush
Flawless Concealer Brush (FREAKING LOVE)
Small Angled Brush
Concealer Brush
Small Smudge Brush
Small Precision Brush

A cheap eyeshadow shader brush & SoHo eyeshadow Brush

Please let me know below if you would like to see more of these post! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Review #26: Crown Brush HD Set

If you follow me on Instagram I posted a couple weeks back that I received Crown Brush HD set w/ Mirror and Tweezer. Making this my first makeup review and I'm so excited.

I was sent this set from iFabbo. iFaboo is a company that links beauty bloggers up with beauty companies. I ordered the set and within a week I had my very first Crown Brush set. Crown Brush is "recognized by the beauty industry as the global leader in cosmetic brushes with over 30 years of brush making experience."

The Hd set comes in 3 different colors. Orange, purple, and white with blue tips which is the one I received. These brushes retail for 69.99$ but you can get them on SALE right now for 19.50$ right now off of their website. These brushes are made with high grade synthetic fiber, are vegan friendly, and are perfect for applying high definition cosmetics.

The packaging was very pretty with the logo on the front. The brushes were EXTREMELY SOFT. I mean I could not stop rubbing the brushes on my face because they felt so freaking good. I have a couple sets of brushes but these were by far the softest.

Sorry my flash was a little too bright making it hard to see what the brushes names.

Starting with this brush called the "Detailed Liner". It is used to line fine lines like to do a winged liner!

Next this brush the "Talered Blush". This can be used to apply blush to the cheeks.

This round dome brush is a "Deluxe Contour". I used this brush to contour perimeter of my face and also the hollows of my cheeks.

The "Pro Powder" brush can be used as a setting brush once you have
completed your look.
The "Crease Blender" is just how the name calls it. It is used to blend out crease applications.

Last is the "Chisel Shadow" is used to apply eye shadow

Overall: Being that I am not a person that have tested and tried every beauty item out there I felt that this brush are good staple brushes. This set would would be great for a person needing a starter brush set because it provide the basic brushes need for doing makeup. The price is not bad and the are featured on Hautelook with better deals if you feel that the price that I stated above is a to pricey.

*DISCLAIMER *  I was sent these products for review and this is my honest opinion *

Monday, January 6, 2014

Wash Day @25 Weeks Post Big Chop


This is the first wash day of the new year so I want to start it off with fresh clean healthy hair. I know new year means new goals and my only goal for this year is to move out of this awkward stage. So I am focused on length! I want to try hair pills and will be doing my research to find which one will be best for me! Also I will continue to use up half used products in my stash so that I can clear out my shelves and only buy my staples.

First pre pooing with the last bit of Ynobe Shop Pre Poo Treat I prepared my hair to be shampooed. I had this in my hair for about 15-20 minutes before washing it out.
I shampooed my hair with my staple shampoo Joico K-Pak Color Therapy shampoo. I did this only once making sure to get my scalp relly good. It has been a while since I washed my hair with shampoo and I can tell you I don't miss the stripped feeling. But I know that my hair is clean and ready for the new year.
Next using 4 Naturals Reconstructor I deep a protein treatment on my hair leaving it in for about 5 minutes and rinsed. This really left my hair feeling restored and back to its prior state.
After that needing to balance my hair I used my staple moisturizing deep conditioner;  Sitrinillah from Hairveda. I left this on for over a hour before rinsing it out in the shower.
I applied Jamaican Black Castor oil on my scalp. I want to go back to my past regimen when I did this religiously to see if this will also help in gain some length. For leave ins I used Hairveda's whipped creme ends hydration and seal with vatika frosting. For stylers I used Cream & Cocos original Curls for Days with Chocolate Marshmallow Pudding. My curls were again defined by this product but by the end of the day my hair felt extremely greasy. When I touched it my hand would shine so I ended up washing the combo out of my hair.

How was your wash day? 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Haul #5 + Black Friday Purchases

Hi Guys

Here's all I have collected since my last Haul post. Including my two Black Friday purchase. Please follow me on Instagram for any new updates I may have that I can share through pictures! 

Tresemme Naturals original formula. When ever I am in a store I look in the back behind the new bottles of this product and sometimes find old bottles. So in this pic and the one at the bottom I lucked up. When I started my transition journey I didn't try this product but now that I'm full natural I wanted to give it a try.

This I won on Camille Rose Naturals Facebook page in a picture contest and it has now become my rotating staple cleansing conditioner. 
Hopefully you are familiar with my Random Spotlights. I have featured Mrs. Marcy and her lovely soaps. Her black Friday sale was 3$ for a bar of soap for 2 hours only. I did post a pic on Instagram for those that didn't know about this.

Again Please follow me on Instagram because I am now trying to learn to coupon and below are two of my fashion finds from the lovely coupon community. 

Sally's Beauty supply had a sale on these for 2 for 11$. I heard great reviews on this line. So being that my hair is color treated I could pass on a deal. So far they are truly keeping my hair balanced!

I lucked on this from my swap group and been in love every since

Last is my staple haul. I recieved the three Almond Jai and Curlaide in a swap. But for the Hairveda I purchased on Black Friday. Now I was patient and received these a day after Christmas. Being that they are a small business and that I too will be starting my own I have to remember that large orders take time.

Small Haul this time and I'm very pleased with myself. Did you do any Black Friday Shopping?