Saturday, March 23, 2013

Taking Down my Sew-in Protective style Wash day @ 29 weeks post

Well it's time. I'm totally ready to take out this sew-in and give my hair a much need rest before putting another on in for my birthday. My birthday is on the 29th. So I want to install my hair on the 28th. That will give my hair a weeks worth of relaxation. 

I'm going to give you guys a quick run down of what I did to my hair while in the protective style.
I oiled my scalp 4 days out of the week. I didn't wash my hair and I had my satin bonnet on a lot of the time to protect my hair. I hardly Flat iron my leave out. I would see I did it twice. But i did moisturize it a lot. I kept it simple because I was moving and had a lot of this to do so i made sure to oil my scalp at least.

Okay for the process of taking out my extentions. I took my fingers and felt for loose string and cut them. I did this to each row and the my weaving cap. Then I comb out each braid taking out all my shed hair and string that was left over in my hair.

  •  I pre-pooed with ORS replenishing pak. I used 2 packs, coconut oil, and my oil arsenal. Rinsed that out. 
  • Then I touched up my new growth (I retained about a 1 inch) with Softsheen Hi Rez in red. Processed for 30 minutes and the washed out.
  • Shampooed with the conditioning shampoo packet that came with the kit. 
  • Than shampooed with my Joico K-pak color therapy shampoo. Rinsed with cool water.
  • Applied the Aubrey Organics GPB balancing Conditioner for 2 to 5 mins as directed. This I received in the March curlkit box. I used this in place of my PMSSDT.
  • Next I mixed the conditioner that came in the kit, the Giovanni that I received in the February curlkit, and my Aunt Jackie's in control deep conditioner. I left this on my head for a hour. A half an hr with just the turban cap I got in my curlkit and the other half with my mother in law's Gold n Hot jumbo bonnet dryer. When we came and I seen this bad boy in the closet I was I overjoyed. I don't mind looking like predator for a half an hour as long as I know my strands are properly moisturize.
  • Once I rinsed the conditioner out my hair felt truly soft. I should have been invested in some type of heat source for my conditioner. I then applied the CHI Thermal Silk Infusion for 5 minutes to see if this would keep my hair moisturize once i blow dried it. I pick this up because 1. it was on sale and 2. I can't seem to find my dark and lovely anti-reversion serum. So i used this in place of that. To me it didn't really do any difference my hair still felt dry, but I will try again.
  • I blow dried my hair on low after I detangled it with Aunt Jackie's Knot on my watch. Using this as a leave in also. Then spraying my hair with my Tresseme's heat tamer.
  • Last I flat ironed my hair with my new flat iron. I miss my old flat iron because this one seem to suck all the moisture out of my hair and making it look frizzy.

So It was a fairly productive wash day!!

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