Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wash day @ 45 weeks post

Hey guys

Now I know this was supposed to be a post describing how my braids installation went. But I totally forgot I started school this week. So I was swamped with work and I don't think it will be a good idea to install them until I get a feel of my classes.
Another thing if you follow me on IG I posted that I feel that I am ready for my big chop. I think I may do it on the 31st of August which would be 1 year since I had a relaxer. I think that would be a perfect way to celebrate my anniversary and I am tried of seeing this relaxed ends. I'm sooooo over them. So yeah just wanted to vent to you guys a little bit.

Whooo now that that's of my chest here is how my wash day went:

• Pre pooed with Ynobe shop Pre-poo treat. I think I left this on for about 2 or 3 hours because I was doing school and I had exited out, then I had to retype it over. So I don't know how long this was keep on. But I know that it really took.
•Shampooed 2x with Giovanni 2chic Ultra Moist shampoo. Now for some reason my hair felt hard the first time, but soften back up when I did it the second time.
•Next I conditioned my hair with my condiyioner mix. Now what may you ask is in my conditioner mix. Well a bunch of conditioner that I mixed. LOL!! I had to use up the rest of the tresemme touchable smooth Conditioner so I added Giovanni 2chic moist conditioner & Organix moroccan argan crème conditioner. The reason I mixed them was because 1. they were taking out to much room and 2. I already have my staples so why not use it up this way!
•Sprayed my hair with CCs hair tea and coated it with Aubrey's GPB balancing conditioner. I worked this in my hair well for 2 to 3 minutes before rinsing it out.
•Deep conditioneds with and without heat for 2+ hours, using Aunt Jackie's in control. I had a little left that I need to use up. So I used that and 2 sample packs to do my hair. I also ran out of conditioning caps so I use a target bag instead. I may or may not be repurchasing it. I really want to get my staples down to two lines. One protein & one moisture. I'm still thinking about.
•For leave ins I used Quidad Moisture lock sample pack. Now out of the 2oz pack I got 3 uses out of it. 2 for me and 1 for my daughter. The smell alone was a winner for me so I can't wait to use it again. Sealed that with shea butter oil. Detangled and the style with Giovanni 2chic ultra sleek Keratin & argan leave in and styler. When I took out my rods baby soft curls. Loved it!
I did trim the back of my hair a little. I'm slowly cut my hair off. But I still think I will cut it all off in the end of august.

Thanks for reading!

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