Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

My prays go out to all the families that were effected by the storm. Those who do not have power. Those that chose not to evacuate due do to the storm. My prays go out.
I hope those that are in the path of the storm have prepared their selves for any emergency that may or may.not happen. Again prayers or for you all!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wash day @ 8 Weeks post

8 Weeks into my relaxer.
I just wanted to tell you guys how my wash day went today!
1. Pre-poo w/ my V05 moisturizing conditioner, H2o Spa seaweed hair repair masque, JBCO, grapeseed oil, and a squirt of glycerin. I mixed it up and left it on my hair for a hour. A half an hour with heat and the other without but wrapped my head up with a scarf instead.
2. Washed it out and then applied my Neutrogena Triple Moisture creamy shampoo 2x. This shampoo left my hair feeling dry.
3. Wash out the shampoo and then used my Neutrogena Triple Moisture daily conditioner which knock that dryness right out
4. I then applied my L'oreal Eversleek reconstructing smoothing conditioner. As soon as I applied this on my hair the smell just knocked me off my feet. The smell of this conditioner is just lovely. This was my first time using it, so I have to give it a couple more tries before I can tell if its working for my hair or not.( I had a 2$ off coupon for it and since I still can find my suave volume conditioner im goin to give this a try)
5. I then spray my creme of nature leave-in on. Put my Cantu shea butter leave-in which is my moisturizer. Last I applied my suave keratin smooth and shine. I love the Cantu as my moisturizer because it gives my hair the moisture and softness its needs.
6. Finally I let my hair air dry. When its about 80% dry I put JBCO on my scalp. I let my hair dry straight or in a wrap.
After all this my hair is light and bouncy. So I feel good about these products so far. I like when I can get a good deal on quality products!
The Neutrogena triple moisture I got from the flea market for 2 for 5$. So I was extremely happy about that. I just want to try them a couple more times since I'm trying to find something for my moisture wash as my staple. I know for sure that the Cantu will be my staple moisturizer. But I do want to try the elasta qp olive oil and mango butter. But thats all for now.
Thanks for taking the time out to read my blog. I hope you enjoyed!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Staple misplace!!

So I ran out of suave volumizing conditioner on my last co-wash day which was Wednesday. I even added water to the bottle shook it up to get that last bit of creaminess running thru my hair. After a month and so of using it, and then afterwards using my Joico daily balancing conditioner which I fell in love with. The suave gave my hair soft thickness and the Joico gave my hair a lovely detangling slip. I was happy, until today when I'm searching everywhere for my conditioner and it's no where to be found. Everywhere is having a sale on suave products but just not the one I need. I live in Baltimore, Maryland so we have a flea market that is pack with home essentials for your every need.I find a vendor that has everything except my suave conditioner and I start browsing. I get a Giovanni tea tree triple treat invigorating shampoo 8.5 FL oz and Renpure Organics I love my hair 13.5 FL oz that I got both for 2$ each, can you say a steal!!!
I thought things were going good. I got me another all natural conditioner to substitute my suave's for right now, until I get home and take me a closer look. My Renpure Organics is a shampoo. Things just seemed to go from bad to worst. I have 2 good protein and thickening shampoos. I even tried to stop at Marshall and see what I can grab, but again I turn up empty handed. So now I have to put my wash day off to Sunday when I get home after I try again tomorrow. I am determined and I will not give up. ;-)
Just wanted to tell you guys how my day went. Thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Things I wish I knew before having a GIRL!

I wish I was told how much of a diva she would be when she came out!
I wish I was told how hard it would be for her to transition to a bottle because with my boys they weren't so picky!
That a two months, when you get her started talking that she doesn't know when to stop!
That she can poop in her sleep and when she's finish throw up to wake herself up!!
To get a full body bib cause she will keep squirming until the breast milk comes back up all over me!!!
She'd be hungry right after she threw up!
I wish the would tell me how many outfits I would go thru with her!
That at night it would be a fight to get her to sleep in her bed, then ends up in mines until she falls asleep!
That is all!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Love Hate

Everybody has a love hate relationship with their hair sometimes. But with me its a love one side not so much the other. Lol. My left side seems to be reaping all the benefits on my hair journey. Less breaking, less spit ends, and most important to me its not as frizzy as the other side. When I air dry its more layed then my right. But I'm on my mission to get my hair to a healthier state then it is in now.

Sunday I did my monthly clarifying. Afterwards, I did a protein treatment with my joico k-pack reconstruct and then a moisture treatment with my Aussie 3 min deep conditioner. It was my first time using the k-pak and it smelled like bananas. I absolutely loved it!!!!! It also didn't make my hair dry and hard like some other protein treatments that I used. After I let my hair air dry for about a hr and a half I did a 6 section braid out. I applied Jamaican black castor oil on my scalp then braided it and made sure to add a little bit of Cantu Shea butter to the ends. I was very please with the end results when I took it out to run some errands today.