Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wash Day @ 24 Weeks Post

Hey loves

 So I wash my hair yesterday. Well I didn't exactly wash it with shampoo, I did a co-wash with the Aunt Jackie's In Control Moisturizing Conditioner. I'm loving this product soooooooooooo much right now. When I use it as a deep conditioner, my hair was so soft after rinsing it out. It also gave my hair really good slip where as I didn't have to use there detangler afterwards. So now I just want to finish the container up to see if I want to continue to use it on wash days. The reason I co-washed this wash day was because my hair didn't feel like it had a lot of product on it. It felt dry and lack of moisture. So here's how yesterday went:

1. Co-wash with the Aunt Jackie's In Control which I left in for about 2-3 minutes before rinsing out.
2. Deep Conditioned with Elasta QP Soy Oyl Deep conditioner. Left this on for about 2-3 Hours, before washing it out in cool water.
3. Massaged the Tresseme Split End Protector Leave-in through out my hair before letting it air dry for the rest of the evening.
4. Greased my scalp with Simply Organics Oils Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Click Link for Review)
5. Moisturized with Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in and braided my hair into four braids.
6. Last I sealed with Argan oil.

 A very simple wash day for me.
Thanks for reading!!!!

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