Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wash Day @ 44 weeks post

Hey Guys!
How has you week been!?
I couldn't wait for wash day this week because my hair really needed the TLC. I didn't get the chance to co-wash this week because it just seem to be another busy week.
So I used a new line to me this wash day called Thank God I'm Natural (tgin). My next post will be a detailed review of these item's I will just be stating how I used the product. I'm also prepping my hair for a box braid protective style. I my co wash and deep condition my hair again before I install them. But I will think on it before the time comes.
Here's how it went:
•Pre pooed with Ynobe Shops Pre Poo Treat covered overnight to really soften my hair up. Rinsed.
•Shampooed 2x with Tgin moisture rich shampoo. Rinsed.
•Next I used the Moisture rich Conditioner. Which felt like heaven to my hair. I worked that in my hair from root to tip. Rinsed.
•After that I sprayed my hair with CC's Hair tea and coated that with Tresseme's Protein Renewal. I left this on for about 3 minutes while I brushed my teeth. Rinsed it out
•Then I deep conditioned with the Tgin Honey Mask for 3 hours. I had to do some grocery shopping so I wrapped up my head with a scarf that I had from the Dekem Divas Box I did a review on. Rinsed.
•Greased my scalp with Jamaican Black Castor oil. For leave ins I used a sample pack of Quadid Moisture lock. I smell amazing and really added to making my hair soft. Sealed thatbin with Shea Butter oil which is extremely moisturizing and I use it alot on my kids to seal in the water. Then for a my choice of a styler I used Jessicurls Confident Coils in the scent Island Fantasy. Setting it with rods.
Now when I was finished my hair actually was smoothed out and had a shiny to it that I haven't seen before in my hair. I was in shocked. Today went fast being that went to the store and washed my hair early. I was very pleased with today's results in the combination I used.
Thanks for reading!  HHJ

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