Thursday, May 30, 2013

Recent Haul #3

Hey guys

 I haven't done one of theses in a while and I have collected alot of things. I do post haul pics on IG if you do want to be updated on what I receive from day to day! This is my haul from the past couple months. I do like to try new things but I also like to stock up on my staples, so I don't get to wreck less with my purchases. I have been getting a lot of my items off of a Facebook Group called Swap-Sack. It is also a subscription service. I have tried to sign up but every time I get over there it's already sold out so I will keep trying!  Description will be under the pic!!!

Non-damaged Curlkit items
Eden's Body Works
 Jmarie: Brazil Nut Butter, Orange Healing Butter, & Curl Boost Butter (Giveaway)
Blended Beauty Set: Frizz Pudding, Silkshake, And Happy Nappy Styles (Loving these so far might include them in my staples)
Darcy's Botanicals Vanilla Delight Daily Leave in Conditioner
Honeychile Hairlove Avocado Truffle Hair Milk & Hibiseus & Orange Peel Hair Butter
Left to Right: Sisiters keeper Leave in & DIP, CC's Naturals Leave in & Flaxseed gel, Sarenzo beads Soap, & last Cream & Coco Soaps
Duafe Naturals Amla Refresher (STAPLES)
Giovanni Haul from Ulta during the BOGO Free sale!!!
Aubrey's GPB (STAPLES) & Pura Body Naturals
Aunt Jackie's & CCs Natural Giveaway win items

Monday, May 27, 2013

Wash day @ 38 weeks post

Hey loves

So another wash day is down in my long term transition journey. I did this on Satuday So for the late post!

Here's how it went:
  • Pre pooed overnight again spraying my hair first with my spritz mixture, sealing that in with Simply Organics Jamaican Black Castor Oil, then covering that with a mix of Ynobe Shop's Pre Poo Treat( I finished the bottle so time to restock!) & Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque.                              S/N: If you follow me on instagram (which I hope you are) you would see my recent hauls and my latest one was from Ulta. So on another Bloggers IG page I seen that she had gotten a great deal on Giovanni's 2chic Ultra Moist line. I couldn't pass up a good deal so I went to my local Ulta and stocked up on there BOGO Free sale. Baby I got 10 products worth 92.77$ for 45$. #Teamwinning The only thing they didn't have was the leave in and I am now on a search to find it.
  • So I Shampooed 2x with the Ultra Moist Shampoo. My hair felt clean like it was cleaned of at the products I used throughout the week. Not stripped, but still soft. Rinsed out.
  • Applied the Ultra Moist Conditioner and gently detangled my hair. Rinsed out.
  • I haven't did a hard protein treatment in a couple of months and since I was using all of this extra moisture. I used the rest of my Joico K-pak Reconstruct. Rinsed that out in cool water. (Need to restock on this too)
  • Sprayed my CCs natural hair tea throughout my hair and worked it in a little. Then rinsed in cool water.
  • After that I wrapped a t-shirt around my hair just to soak up any excess water. Then applied the Ultra Moist Deep Deep Moisture Hair Mask and left it on for about a hour. This one smells absolutely lovely.
  • Rinsed that out in cool water. Then wrapped my hair up again getting any extra water out, but leaving my hair damp at the same time. First applied the Green Goop Growth Creme to my scalp. Next I rake the 2chic Brazilian Keratin & Argan Oil Ultra Sleek Leave in Conditioning & Styling Elixir. I only seen this one when I was at Ulta so I picked this one up instead until I find the leave in that goes with the set. Seal with the Ultra Moist Super Potion Anti-Frizz Binding Serum. Then finally using Jmarie Natural Beauty Curl Boost Butter as a styler and last step in my L.O.C. process. I received this in a giveaway and will be trying it again in different ways before i give a full review. But so far it add to my soft hair and help soften my dry ends!
Once took my rods out the next day. I don't know if it was a individual or the whole set that gave mu hair a unbelievable softness. I never felt that before and I was blown away!!!!

Today's Mini Review:

Joico K-pak Reconstruct Price Varies (got mines from Marshalls for 9.99$)
My review: The smell is delicious. It smells like fresh bananas. I like that this product doesn't leave your hair hard and crunchy like some other hard protein treatments do. It's still gives you hair that softness that you need. Its a overall very good protein treatment!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Review #12 Aunt Jackie's Curls & Coils (Staples)

Hey Guys

I said that I would be doing a mini review in my wash days posts to tell you how I feel about my staples. Well I forgot yesterday so I decided to just do a review post instead.

So these 3 products are a staple in regimen. I tried the in control on a search to find a new deep conditioner and fell head over in love with it. The items in the pic are mini ones of my staples that I received in a swap. I usually get them off line from

In Control: 16oz-7.99 $

Promises: For amazing softness, deep conditioning and greater manageability us Aunt Jackie's In Control as often as needed. Prefect as a restorative and reconstructive conditioning treatment, or as a co wash, In Control gives vibrancy to dehydrated, brittle, dull, dry-looking hair and softens for easier combing & styling.  Curls and wave become more elongated & smoother. Coils, twist, and braid outs become touchably soft, more defined and heat styled  hair looks silky and frizz-free.

My Review: First the perfume-y and not to strong. Like a floral scent that lingers in the wind. The texture is light and well whipped, that I wouldn't even know that is was Shea Butter or any oils were in this product from how light it was. Love the blue color making it original! I haven't used this product to co wash as of yet but the deep conditioning is on point. It gives me moisture, it gives me softness, it gives me added slip, it just gives me life!!

Curl La La: 16oz-7.99 $

Promises: Unruly curls and coils meet your match! Curl la la delivers long lasting control and definition to curls, waves, coils, frizzy hair and braid outs. Moisture-rich and blended with natural ingredients for healthier looking and feeling ringlets. Curl la la won't cause build up, flake pr leave hair feeling stiff or dry. Use a little or a lot to create soft, elongated, bouncy curls and waves, tight,  scrunchy curls, or springy coils.

My Review: The smell is pleasant as will. Not to strong, but also not to light. It doest linger like the deep conditioner. The texture is fluffy as well. Whipped to perfection. I used this last after I apply my leave ins and for when I set my hair at night. Just like as promised I see no flakes and my hair never has any build up. My curls are will defined with this product and a little goes a long way. Staple for sure!!

Knot on My Watch: 12oz-7.99 $

Promises: Unruly hair, tangles and knots don't stand a chance against Knot on My Watch. It eliminates tangles and restores hair to a healthy moisture balance, while protecting against breakage. Blended with Shea Butter and Olive Oil to soften and strengthen hair, this fantastic detangling remedy makes daily combing, styling and overall manageability a snap!

My Review: This one smells like the others. When I went to smell the others I noticed they all smelled alike..interesting! The texture is thick but light at the same time. When you pour it out of the bottle it is think. But when you rub it in your hands it melts like a oil. This detangler/leave in does melt the knots away and leaves your hair soft and moisturize. At first I wasn't to found with it until I tried it again. I think the process I used didn't work with it and left my hair heavy. Love it!!

The package on all this containers are sleek and well informative. I love clear bottles so you don't have to guess whats left. The jars opening is nice and wide making it easy for my fingers to get every last bit of product out!!!

Again I love these products making them apart of my rotating staples!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wash Day @ 37 weeks post

Hey people! !

I was feeling my hair yesterday. I re roded it Thursday night with Aunt Jackie's Curl La La. I went to sleep on my satin pillow, no bonnet I wasn't feeling good. All I did was spray so Amla Refresher in my hand and raked it thru my hair. Babbby my curls were layed like I don't know what.

Anyway here's how today's wash day went.

Did a overnight pre poo first spray my hair with my homemade spritz, sealing it with jamaican black castor oil, and then covering that with Ynobe shop's Pre poo treat.

I also clarified today with Giovanni's Tea Tree Treat Invigorating shampoo 2x to make sure I got all of the product build up I got from the flaxseed gel. Rinsed out in lukewarm water. When I finished my hair felt nice and stripped from everything. Giving the deep conditioner a clean and fresh area to penetrate.

Then I sprayed my hair with CCs Naturals Hair Tea. (I store it in the refrigerator until wash day) Let that sit for about 2-3 minutes. Then covered that with Aubrey's Organic Balancing Conditioner.  Leaving it on for about 5 minutes. Rinsed out in cool water.

Deep conditioned with a another sample, but I detangled first like the direction said to. This one's from 3 sister's called Once a Week Nourishing Treatment. Okay first impression, I'm not really feeling it. It was okay not a big wow factor. I will try it one more time before I give it a final assessment.

After that I applied a little I CCs Leave in. Then grease my scalp with Your Natural Hair's Green Goop. (Review coming soon) Then applied a little more Leave in. Spritz my hair with Duafe Naturals Amla Refresher to soften up my hair and to give it a little more moisture before I rodded it. I then used CCs Lavender Flaxseed gel to style my hair with the rods.

I'm loving that my wash days are not long and drawn out with show extra attention to specific areas. I no longer see split ends, I have found staples that work with softening my hair and also give me great slip so that I'm not ripping out my hair in my detangling process. I'm very proud of my hair on how it's doing through my transitioning journey!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Random Spotlight: Purgasm Shop & Review #11 of Wild Cherry Poo Bar


In this Random Spotlight, I rave about the poo bar in my wash day post. So when I asked Ms. Nicole to be featured and she said yes I was more then ecstatic!!! Upon doing some research on Nicole website I learned that she is a Mix tress wonder & a all natural DIYer that has always been one for mixing things together!

Here's how the interview went?

1. When was your company established? 
 Purgasm Shop was established June 2012. ( My first product line was established January 2011)

2. What was the reason and/or inspiration to start this line?
 I wanted to create a product line that was all natural (I also use many organic ingredients), deliciously scented, and use nonconventional ingredients to show others how versatile and wonderful natural herbs and botanicals can be.  I also wanted the line to be known for how well it worked and to create an experience where people could truly feel in love with my products and rest assured that the products are not full of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates and other toxic chemicals!

3. Why haircare?
 Although my product line focuses on more than hair care, I felt that it was important to create a full beauty experience. Many naturals are looking for new and more diverse products, and I know how frustrating it was for me during my transition to find products that actually worked well and had ingredients that I felt comfortable using. So, it seemed natural to expand the Purgasm Shop line to include hair care.
4. Are you natural?
  If so why and please tell me about your journey? Yes, I have been natural for about 3 ½ years. I began transitioning in November 2009 and big chopped in May 2010. I initially wore a TWA for about a month and then decided to shave my hair (similar to Amber Rose) and I wore it shaved on and off for about 2 years. Each time I would try to let it grow, I would get frustrated because I didn’t know how to care for it-and so I’d shave it off again. I finally made a conscious decision to embrace my hair, get to know my texture, and how to manage it and I sat in the barber’s chair for the last time on 06/28/2012. I’ve been growing it out ever since and it’s healthy and I’m happy.

5. What is your target goal?
 My target goal is to make the Purgasm Shop brand a household name. I intend for my brand to be known as the pinnacle of bath and beauty for the discriminant shopper who only wants the best in quality, value, and ingredients. I also intend to have items sold in retail locations around the world. 

6. Since you big chop and transitioned could you give the readers any tips and tricks that you learned?  The biggest tip that I have is to be patient. Know that it will get frustrating-but if you stick with it, it will be well worth it. Also-Moisture, Moisture, Moisture! Most curly/kinky hair types (mine included) crave moisture. Find the products that help your hair maintain a healthy moisture balance (if you're adventurous-experiment and find your own)! 

 7. Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?
 I’m mother to an amazing 4 year old, I’m a vegetarian, a wine and music lover, and I’ve been creating things for as long as I can remember. I lovingly conceptualize and hand make each item in my product line and I am very proud of what I’ve created thus far. Purgasm Shop products are purposely created to give you results each time you use them and I’m very happy with all of the positive feedback that I receive when someone is introduced to my product line. For others with goals of starting a natural hair and/ or bath & body business, my biggest advice is to be authentic! Don’t try to copy what everyone else is doing. Follow your passion and create from your heart!

Wild Cherry Poo Bar-7.19$

 Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerine (kosher, of vegetable origin), Shea Butter (refined naturally crushed), Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide (saponifying agent), Sorbitol (moisturizer), Sorbitan oleate (emulsifer), Honey, Soy bean protein (conditioner), Titanium Dioxide (mineral colorant), Argan Oil,  Yucca, Marshmallow Root, Wild Cherry Bark, Silk Aminos, Essential Oil/Phthalate Free Fragrance Blend, Love!. *Lather Bars may also contain natural herbs for additional colorant properties).

 My Review: This is the very first poo bar that I've used and I absolutely loved it. The smell was light and refreshing! It lathered up will without much effort. I got excellent slip. I mean slip so good shed hair was running out underneath the running water. So when it was time to detangle it was minimal shed hairs. My hair was soft and you can tell it pack alot of nutrients because my hair was moist afterwards!! Love love love it!
 Will I be re purchasing it? Yes for 7.19 dollars it is inexpensive and a little goes a long way!!!!

For those who seen the earlier price of 5$ you can still get it I missed up on the original price which is 7.19. But if you go over to Purgasm Shop now and say Random Jamaican sent you, Ms. Nicole will give you the price I missed up on plus discounted shipping for today only!!!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Maintenance Routine

Hey ladies

I know you all been wondering how I keep my curls up during the week.

Well at first I wasn't doing nothing but moisturize, seal, and then bonnet. By wash day my hair was frizzy and I had little curls here and there. My hair was far from how it looked from when I first set my hair. But I'm learning as I go along.

So for my go to protective I've been doing rod sets to more embrace my transforming naturalista. (hope you understand where I'm coming from) That way when I big chop I'll be more adaptable to my curls.

Now what I do is moisturize, oil, and then styler. I try to use a light moisturizer since I have fine hair. Something that won't weigh my hair down before I put anything else on it. My choice of moisturizer that I use are Elasta QP Olive oil & Mango Butter, my hair spritz, and various hair milks that I was testing out. Seal with a light but moisturizing oil. For example coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, or avocado oil. But in one of my recent swaps I received a butter from Honeychile Hairlove, that was very light weight in consistency and rich with natural oils. Coconut oil being at the top of the ingredient list. Afterwards I would use a styler. Which would either be Aunt Jackie's Curl La La, Giovanni Hair Styling Foam, and last Flaxseed gel. Now with the sample flaxseed that I was using it was wonderful but the new one that I'm using has not been working at all. I will do a review on it after my wash day Saturday. But the styling foam and curl la la was on point in the styling department! !!

That's it! I still do the l.o.c. method but in the last step I use a styler. My curls look fresh every day and they hold moisture very well!

Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Random Spotlight: Zuri Handmade

Today's post will be another feature in my Random Spotlight Small Business Series. This duo, i had no clue was a duo, has a hair & body line featuring products for all of you natural needs. I enjoyed this interview and I hope you do to. I felt like I got a personal tour inside there business! !! If you want anymore information about Zuri click the links at the end of the interview!

(Lauren) answers are in black and Rachel's answers are in Red.

1.When was your company established? 
Zuri Handmade was officially founded in 10/2012. But the practice of creating our own hair and beauty products start well over 5 years ago. There are 2 owners to Zuri (Lauren and Rachel)

2. What was the reason and/or inspiration to start this line? I (Rachel) went natural 8 years ago. At that time it finding hair products free from parabens, chemicals and sulfates were extremely difficult in my region. So learning what oils, butter and herbs help my specific hair I just started experimenting with my mixer. Then friends and family became interested. Things just blossomed from there. I (Lauren) am natural also. I have been natural since 2005 so roughly 8 years as well. I am more into the body part of the line. As our line includes products for hair, body and home. I have very sensitive skin and I can’t tolerate bath and body works and brands like that. So, I have been creating my own concoctions for years. My inspiration were the many other people out in the world like me who want to smell great, but can't tolerate chemicals on their body.
3. Why haircare? I (Rachel) have always had a strong interest and passion for hair care. It is just in my blood. Rachel is our hair mixologist as well as a licensed cosmetologist so I leave the mixing to her, but for me I believe  haircare is important. For years we have just gone to the hair dresser sat down and got fried, dyed, and laid to the side. It is time for us to start taking our hair back and using products that not only make us look good, but are good for our hair as well.

4. Are you natural?  If so why and please tell me about your journey?
I went natural 8 years ago. No transition just clipper to my head. My journey was just that simple. No transition. Nothing. I wanted my hair to grow past my shoulders and not be limp lifeless after relaxers.My (Lauren) journey was simple. Relaxers were making my curly hair straight and my hair brittle. It had to go! I did transition. I didn't just BC... I don't even think they had that term for it back then, but I just grew out my hair until I eventually cut all of the relaxer off.

5. What is your target goal?
   HEALTHY HAIR. I do not have length goals. Even though I am a stylist I in no way shape or form enjoy doing my hair since I am constantly doing others hair. My hair grew very long after having my second child. I was happy and content that my hair does indeed grow.  But I have not worn it long ever since.  As long as my hair is healthy I am happy. 
My target for the business is to grow.  think big, dream big, and aim big. I want Zuri to be a a big brand, but with a small business feel. I want to connect with our customers and let them know that they are more than just an order. We take their input about our products seriously. We definitely want to do events where we can network with our customers and other business owners and really connect. Our plans are to have a storefront, but also teach classes for soap making, body products as well as other DIY classes. These are mostly geared towards children and teens, but you never know we may get it going for adults too.  Overall we want to show the generations coming up that they too can own and operate their own business.

6. Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?
 Zuri mean Beauty in Swahili. Our company represents both your inner and outer beauty. The owners are Lauren and Rachel. Lauren does all of the creations on the body and home side of the company while Rachel focuses on the hair side, but she does our candles too. We cater to the whole family. So, we have products for Men, women, and children. You can view and shop with us at there they will find the links to our Blog, Facebook, and Pinterest pages. Also, we are on Twitter and IG under Zurihandmade. In addition to hair and body products we sell soy candles, Eco-friendly laundry detergent, soap, Bulk butters, oils, botanicals and so much more for individuals and companies. We hope to see you and get to know many of you soon!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wash day @36 weeks post

Happy Mother's Day!!!


I hope your week was better then mines. My week was down in the beginning and then builded up to great day on Friday. I'll share in my next post. I will be adding mini reviews to some of my wash days post so you can know how I feel about my staples.

Anyway, while having a conversation with a fellow natural that had transition out here in Vegas. She shed light on my breakage and lack of moisture problem. I have found out the the water out here is so hard it could crack cement.Hubby said we have a water softener but the water still feels funny to me. So I'm still on a mission to keep a proper moisture level in my hair.

So after I flat iron my hair I believe either Monday or Tuesday my roots were on the frizzy side. This Vegas weather is no joke. So my hair went into braid outs for the remanded of the week. What I used to achieve my braid outs was my home made spritz/Elasta QP olive & mango Moisturizer, Olive oil, Aunt Jackie's Curl La la, and Honeychile Hairlove Hibiseus & Orange Peel Hair Butter.

My review for Aubrey's is that I love love love this product. It is apart of my rotating staples. I used this alone, as a pre poo, and added to my deep conditioner. Each time it amazes me more and more how soft it makes my hair. I consider this a light protein treatment because I only see about 2 things listed. It is more filled with nourishing items that conditions the hair.

Here's how today's wash day went!

  • Pre pooed with Ynobe shop pre poo treatment for a hour with & without heat. I sat outside for bout 20 minutes in the sun cuz it's so hot here and that heated up the pre poo just fine. 
  • Shampooed 1x with Purgasm Shop Poo Bar and 1x with my Joico shampoo. Rinsed well with lukewarm water. 
  • Applied Aubrey's GPB Balancing Conditioner for about 1-2 minutes. Rinsed with lukewarm water.
  • I forgot that I had a sample hair tea bag from CCs Naturals that a nice lady gave to me. I soaked in boiling water overnight in a coffee mug, then in the morning I poured it into my spray bottle. I was suppose to spray it on before I did the Aubrey's but since I forgot I did it afterwards. This I left on for about 1-2 minutes as well. Then rinsed out in lukewarm water. 
  • Deep Conditioned with 2 pillow packs of Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment. I felt like trying something new. I didn't think 2 was gonna work, but once I worked it in it coated my hair nicely. This I left on for 45 mins-1 hour. Rinsed in cool water. The Jessicurls had my whole head soft and my new growth was popping curls left and right. I definitely want to try again for sure before giving my finally thoughts!!! 
  • For my leave in I used another sample. This one was by ily. I applied it on damp hair after I t-shirt method my hair for a couple of minutes. This added a light softness to my hair. Then I locked it in with Olive oil and seal it in with a dime amount of Honeychile Hairlove Hibiscus & Orange Peel Hair Butter. This combination worked absolutely well with my hair. My hair wasn't overload with product. My hair felt light and fluffy. Not one stitch of dry brittleness throughout my hair. I'm extremely happy right now. Just want to see if this will last. I then styled my hair with a sample someone gave me of Flaxseed gel. This smelled absolutely yummy. It gave me extra light moisture and a medium hold. Loved it!!! 

Today's wash day was really pleasant and I'm loving the combination I used!!!!

Dont forget to follow me on instagram to see hair and product pics!

IG: randomjamaican
Leave ins

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Random Spotlight: Hair Flair

There are so many natural shops but no way of finding them. That is why I created Random Spotlight. To shine a light on small black own businesses that people have no clue are out there. This business sells hair bow for every curly girl texture. These bows give your texture hair that extra flair. They're funky and chic, giving you the right extra touch to your attire! So don't forget to check out the Facebook link at the bottom to see her work!!  
 I also had the opportunity of interviewing the lovely Ms. Hill and here's how it went:

When was your company established?
  My company launched in October 2012
What was the reason and/or inspiration to start this line? 
 I started my own line because the natural hair shops that I came across were too expensive for my personal budget.
Why haircare?
 I wanted to wear and help make available cute hair pieces that I felt would add a little flair to naturals' tresses.
Are you natural? If so why and please tell me about your journey?
 I am a proud natural of 3 years and 9 months old ;) I choose to return to my natural roots because I was not happy with relaxers. Ever since I was a child I had been wanting to get away from them but could not at that age. When I became an adult and in college I was encouraged to seek after knowledge for being natural after seeing others who wore and had very beautiful natural hair. I waited about a year before actually taking steps to return to being natural. I searched to see what others had done to get rid of relaxed hair and what options I would have. I then stopped relaxing for 6 months and then chopped my relaxed ends. I had a small fro. I was so relieved and yet a little anxious at the same time because I did not know everything that I would experience or what to do outside of being relaxed for so long. Over time and after continuously going to YouTube  I begin how to care for my hair. For my first year, I contemplated going back especially since everyone that I knew did not seem to think that I should stay natural. I refused to go back and hashed it out. I encourage anyone who wants to go natural to do it no matter if you have one person, 10 people, or no one to cheer you on. It's your hair! Love it naturally!
What is your target goal?
 My target goal is to provide beautiful hair pieces for everyone, natural or not, that anyone can purchase and enjoy.
Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?
 I am a proud mother of 3 beautiful children and the other whole to my sweetheart Justin Young of Real Natural Tees. I enjoy spending time with my family and making my bows as well as other crafts.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Blog Challenge

Hey guys
This post is extremely late because today is the 5th and this was suppose to be posted and started on the 1st. I signed up thru Pound Cake's Blog. (Click link to sign up cause that linky code is mad I'm to lazy)
The directions are simple and easy to do so read below. You can also sign up thru CREATIVEGIRLMEDIA.COM
Also if you follow me on instagram (Links on the side) I am also doing the #ohcurlchallenge #photochallenge!!
Thanks for reading!!!

Wash day @35 weeks post

Hey loves!!!
Here's yesterdays wash day!
I applied my color touch up today on my new growth. I applied this first on dry hair and left for 30 minutes. I use Dark n Lovely in Vivacious Red. I then rinsed it out in lukewarm water. Lathering it like I would be shampooing my hair. Then rinsed well.
Next I did a pre poo treatment with Ynobe shops Pre poo Treatment & the moisture conditioner that came with the kit. I left this on for 30 minutes under a conditioning cap. My hair felt really really nice!
I shampooed 2x with my Purgasm shop Shampoo bar. I still love this bar. My hair felt clean, not stripped. My color did run just my shed hair!
I deep conditioned with 2 oils. Coconut and jamaican black castor oil. Aunt Jackie's in control, Aubrey's GPB balancing conditioner, CHI Infra Treatment, & Roux 619 Moisture Recovery. This I left on my hair for a hour and half. Rinsed in lukewarm warm while gentle detangling. I love Aunt Jackie's because it gives me great slip with out even having to use the Knot on my Watch. Plus with the shampoo bar it helps with me detangling my hair.
I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt just to soak up any excess water. Spritzed my hair with Roux 619 Treatment & Shine leave-in and sealed with grapeseed oil. Applied about a quarter size, maybe a little more, of Dark n Lovely's Anti-Reversion Cream Serum. Then sprayed
Tresseme's heat tamer leave in spray. I then proceeded to blow dry & then flat iron!!!
The reason I decided to flat iron my hair was because I needed to trim my strangly perm ends and 2 I wanted a brief change! !!
I cut about 2-3 inches off my hair. I know drastic, but I'm kinda ready to get it over with, but still not ready!!
I completed my qhole routine in about 4 hours. Which is really good!!
Thanks for reading:)