Friday, April 5, 2013

Review #7: Crazy Natural*

Hey guys
This is another post that got pushed back due to me moving and not having all of my boxes. *sigh*
But anyway this company is on every social network, making it not very hard to find them. I either seen them first on Facebook/Twitter i don't remember. But a few emails later I received a parcel containing some natural goodies. This is definitely a small business you would want to check out so click the links below for more info!

African Black Soap Beauty Bar- 4.00$

Promises & Ingredients: Indulge yourself in Africa's best kept beauty secret. crazy naturals Black Soap beauty Bars are made with only the purest ingredients. Black soap's beauty benefits are endless. Dried plantain skins rich in vitamin's A & E, great for diminishing the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tones. Palm Leaves & Cocoa Pod Powder penetrates dry skin leaving it revitalized, soft and supple.

My Review: I always want to try this soap. It lathered up nicely, but just make sure not to get none in your eyes cause it burns like crazy. I used this in substitute for my other bar in my skincare routine. Right before I put on my mask. It was not drying at all which is a plus. I want to give it a couple more weeks to see if it clears up the break out i have on my t-zone area.

All In One Hair, Bath, and Body Oil- 8oz 8.00$

Promises & Ingredients: Crazy Naturals All in one oil is perfect for dry damaged skin and hair, both relaxed and naturals can benefit from its wonderful effects. Made with olive oil and jojoba for moisture. Glycine to soften and tame even the wildest crazy hair. Grape seed oil to restore vitamins and nutrients. Coconut and almond oil leaves your hair feeling silky and satin soft.

My Review: I loved that the bottle was put in a applicator bottle making it easy for me to apply to my scalp and also distributing out a little oil at a time. I used this mainly to help seal my moisturizer in and applying directly to my scalp.

Shea Body Butter- 4oz  8.00$

Promises & Ingredients: This creamy rich Shea butter is by far my favorite all purpose product. Made with raw African Shea Butter, almond oil, olive oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and a slew of other natural ingredients. Great for dry hair, skin, and scalp. This product will leave you feeling moisturized, silky smooth, and smelling good.

My Review: I used this just like i use any of my butters. Right when I get out the shower. But with this butter i don't use to much because of the thick consistency or I'll be slipping and sliding all over the place. But you can tell that its rich with oil just by the look and I absolutely love that.

Package: The soap bar was packaged in plastic with the company logo on the front. The logo is of a kinky afro for our naturalista out there. The oil in a squirt bottle for easy application and the Shea in a jar with the company logo on top.

Texture: The soap bar is natural with the bump and all. Brown in call and smelled good. The oil is just like you natural oil and the Shea butter is whipped nicely and is smooth. The smell of the Shea butter is light and but still thick like the raw Shea butter it self.

Overall for the items you receive the price is excellent! Will I be repurchasing these products? Definitely especially the Beauty bar!

My Grade- A+

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