Saturday, March 2, 2013

Part 2: Sew-in Protective style

Hey Guys
Sorry this post is so late I had to wait for my phone to arrival in order for me to take pics, to share with you guys how I installed my extensions.
   I first applied Simply Organics Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my scalp then braided it up. My leave out, I braided into loose braids. Next I braided the edges of my hair into braids that came together in the back. Then I braided my hair into a zigzag down middle. Next I sewed down a weaving cap on the perimeter of my head. After that I just went to sewing while watching YouTube videos. All together it took me about three hours with me only stopping to eat. I'm quite pleased with the outcome!!!
I'll take another pic in the morning and upload it.


  1. Ive tried to do a sew in for protective styling, but I cant deal with it!!! My protective style will from now on be yarn braids (until i officially start locing my hair)

    Evon Von

    1. I totally agree it can definitely be a pain. Right now I'm trying to deal with my scalp itching. But the yarn braiding is gorgeous I just don't think I can sit there that long!!!