Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Your Approach

Everyone has a different approach on things either thinking it out, coming at it fast, or just not doing it at all. Some people even have a combination of these.
Everyone feels that they have the best approach and that you should follow the way that they do it. Best advice follow your own way, my advice is to try everyway!!!
I believe that you get experince when you approach things at different angles, it gives wisdom and knowledge for the next person.
But again everyone my feel a different way about your approach. But what you do is your business and how you handle it is your business because in the end its your life to live noone elses! Think out of the box and show your individuality.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby fatt!!!

Well i'm watching the steeler vs kansas city when some family friends arrive. They see my son and beginning pickin him up because he a chucky man for 5 months. The precide to refer him in size to a cinder block because he is solid. I kinda don't mind because his father started the whole thing just being playful. But to be honest i'm kinda a little affend because i feel as long as he's healthy he is okay. He's ped did not inform me that there was a problem i honestly don't feel that i need your input. My boyfriend's friend proceeds to say that i need to keep his weight undercontroll before he has breathing problems. First i had to controll myself because she doesn't have any kids of her on. I politly let her know that my son is heathly and i do not over feed my son its just BABY FATT!!!