Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hi Guys

So it's been a year and some months since I last posted. Life has been crazy as we all have challenges that happens to us. More then others. I felt lost at a certain point with this blog which left me discouraged to do any more post.
But being that I'm back to struggling with this dry and shedding knots I feel like I need to rant my struggle. It's been 28 months(2years+) since I big chopped and I'm not getting any results. I've research and tried recommended practices with no luck. So I've decided to revamp my product selection to just one line that targets my hairs need instead of picking from here and there. Now my routine hasn't changed much because I love to keep my process simple. I want to try a line from shea moisture since they target so many different concerns for the natural hair.

Once I figure out which line I choose I will come back with an updated routine that I will stick with.

Thanks for reading!!!!