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Random Spotlight: TuShea Butter Cream*

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So I seen this lovely product on Facebook and just had to have it. Luckily I received a sample in the mail from the lovely Terran Damiper owner of TuShea Butter Creams. The product is like heaven in a cup. Not only did she bless me with the sample, but she honored me with a interview as well.
Here's how it went:

When was your company established? 
 My company actually started in 2008. That’s when the actual research and testing began for the product. What initially started as something I used for myself turned into gifts to friends and family and then a friend said you should sell this. So in January 2011 I launched TuShea Butter Cream Products.

What made you what to start your line?

 You know I initially started my business for a couple of reasons. First I suffer from eczema and dry skin and I was tired of dishing out large amounts of money to buy creams that leave you smelling like a pharmacy and then putting lotions on top of that, that’s suppose to smell good. So when I went natural I thought hey lets try something different. Working with shea butter was no easy task at first because I was just putting it on from it’s raw state which can be a hassle. So I researched and at first it was jacked up! I mean I was really going through experimenting with it but now I think I got it and then some!

Are you natural, if so tell me about your journey?

 I am natural and it’s funny but this is actually my second and LAST time going natural. The first time I was natural for about a year and I did the big chop! My stylist at the time was like I’m not cutting your hair so I just grabbed her shears cut it and said now fix it! It was really short and the texture was great. I loved short hair but then it started to grown and shortly after I got married in 2006 I relaxed it again due to just frustration. After about a year I cut my hair in to a bob and decided to transition from relaxed to natural. I  shampooed and blow dried my hair every week and flat ironed it. I wore a wrap for what seems like forever. Then on my parents 50th birthday I went home shampooed and started cutting all the relaxed ends off myself and the rest is history! I feel like now that I’ve gone through both big chop and transition when people have questions about being natural or going natural I can identify with them and help them along the way.

What is your target goal? 

 You know if I can master shrinkage I will be satisfied! Lol But since I know I can’t my goal would just be achieve healthy hair using natural products. I’m really trying to break myself of parabens, alcohol and things like that. I want the products that I use to strengthen my hair and not make it dependent

Is there anything you else you would like to say?

 Yes! I want to give a shout out to Pookie and RayRay from East Saint!! LOL No I’m just kidding! I would just like to say that I love being natural and I love to see other natural women embracing their beauty. TuShea Butter Cream is a way for me and everyone who loves it to embrace their beauty the natural way. I would also want to encourage you all to support other small businesses like TuShea Butter. There are some amazing products out there made by some amazingly smart women that would love the support! Also if there is anyone out there that wants to start their own line, please research not only the business but the things you are putting into the products. I’m available if you have questions on the Contact Us portion of my site! And remember to deliver the best customer service you can! Because people are spending their money and you don't only represent yourself and your business but all the other small business out there, including TuShea!

Since you BC and Transition what would be your top tip in the process of it?

Since I BC'd and transitioned I got a few tips! Tip #1 and to me is one of the most important ones BE PATIENT! If u don't know how to be going natural will definitely teach you. There will be times that you get frustrated with your hair we all do hold on to your purpose for going natural and let that see you through! Tip #2 Embrace who you really are and not what's going on on top of your head! Once you fall in love with yourself your hair's true beauty will shine! Embrace YOUR curls because they are you r signature, your DNA and its so uniquely you!! Isn't that amazing!!! Finally Tip#3 Research and Experiment!  Its important for you to find out what works for your hair. I recommend signing up for a subscription like SwapSack, which TuShea has been a featured product for, or Curlkit. These subscriptions didn't exist when I went natural, I wish they would have, but they give you a box with about 5-6 products for a monthly fee. Also read labels when you pick up products. I learned that long before I went natural. In cosmetology school it was drilled in us to read those labels and research what we see. Now with Internet at your fingertips you can get it done in the store.

I truly truly enjoyed this interview and will continue to support TuShea. She was a very open and kind making me feel welcome.

TuShea Butter Cream- Jamaican Punch 11.00$

A delicious fruity blend of mango, papaya, lemon, and lime mixed into fluffy shea butter.
Ingredients: Butyrospermum parkii (shea Butter), Essential oil (for fragrance), Alpha Tocopherol ( vitamin e), Grapeseed oil, Almond oil, & Olive oil.

My Review: The package is plain, but I love to see whats in my product and what I have left. So that was a plus for me. The smell and texture is absolutely AMAZING. The product is hard at first but once you get it on your finger tips it truly melts like butter against your skin. Every time I put it on I want to drink myself.
I used this product after I got out the shower, before I went to bed. For my sons I washed them down, shampooed their hair, then applied the butter. My youngest sons hair is afro coily, so I dried it a little and just evenly distributed it through out his hair while still a little damp. The next morning his hair was soft, moisturize, and smelling ohh soo good!!! I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet on my hair because its still in the sew-in protective style. But I absolutely can not wait to use it as a sealant. Once I do I will give you guys the results on my hair!

Grade- A++

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