Friday, April 19, 2013

Review #8: Herbal Body Blessings*

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The post is a review on a skincare business that is on the up and up in the beauty would. They have been making goods since 2006 making them a Veteran to our natural small businesses. This brand has a variety of body goodies on their site ranging from Bath salts to Spa accessories. They are also on every social media site so check out the links at the bottom of the page!!!

Island Coconut Body Butter 4oz- $8.50, 8oz- $12.50

Promises- Our body butter are all comprised of a bountiful blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, grape seed oil, and vitamin E. The cocoa butter, shea butter, and grape seed oil are the ultimate natural moisturizers for your skin.

They are recommended to help treat a variety of skin conditions from ultra dry skin, stretch marks, burns, eczema and dermatitis.

Packaging- The butter I received came in a tin like a lip balm tin. It was sealed with a easy to take off plastic so the can won't come a loose. The label is well thought of making it visible and hard for it to smear of come off when your hands are greasy from using the butter.
Texture- The coloring is light like coconut oil and  it also melted like it to. It was easily spreadable which I like, making it easy to use a little at a time.  It didn't feel like it was over loaded with a lot of ingredients just make it sound good. 
Overall when I first received my package it was hard to take off because at first I didn't notice that the butter was running while i was taking the cap off after I took off the plastic. When I did get it off my butter was half melted do to the heat from the Vegas weather. Which is totally understandable because that something they can not control. Its not gonna stop me from using a butter I'll tell you that. I waited a day so it could get hard again before I tested out on my skin. When it did it smooth over my skin like a true butter. Will I be re purchasing, I definitely would because this product was all that and then some from the package to the smell. My Grade A+

Brodie's Naturals LLC
PO BOX 50143
Henrico, VA 23250
Phone: (804) 909-7886


  1. This sounds great! Thanks for sharing, I'll be adding this company to my page. Take care and have a fabulous weekend!


  2. Awesome Review! Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy the Island Coconut Body Butter! A little goes a long way!
    Be Blessed!

    Janie Brodie, Owner,
    Herbal Body Blessings by Brodie's Naturals LLC