Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wash day @ 34 weeks post

Hey Ladies
I just want to let you know since the weather is dry here in Nevada I might go back to co washing weekly to see if that will help with the dryness/moisture loss that I am experiencing.
Friday I sat in front of my hair stash for about a hour thinking really hard about what I use in my hair. What will help this weather and what will add to it. Reading labels and organizing my stash to see what I use on a regular basis and what I can store for later. I've come to realize that I have a serious product addiction, but I'm okay with it!!!
Here's how today's wash day went....
• Pre pooed with Ynobe shops Pre poo Treatment adding a little Avocado oil. I left this one for I think 3 hours while I vacuum and shampooed the carpet.
• Shampooed with a sample newbie that I got to test out before that start selling it the Purgasm shop.  I shampooed with this 2x and it gave my hair excellent slip and so much moisture!!! Rinsed in lukewarm water.
• Use Roux 619 Moisture Treatment for about 2 minutes while I worked it in. Rinsed with lukewarm water.
• Deep Conditioned with my STAPLE Aunt Jackie's in control. Did I tell y'all how much I love this conditioner. I added coconut oil, Tea Tree oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, and CHI. This I left on with heat for about a hour and a half an hour to cool down. Rinsed in cool water. The I t-shirt method with one of my daughters old burping cloth thats a 100% cotton. Once I soaked up the extra water I detangled and because of the awesome poo bar I had hardly any shed hair. I then proceeded to dust my ends because I haven't trimmed my hair since September of last year (*hangs head down in shame* I know I know)
• Applied my leave-ins which started with Aunt Jackie's Knot on My Watch, mist with Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture Mist, Moisturize with a newbie called "Mozeke" Coconut Kokum Hair Milk, and last sealed with Honey Curls Hair Honey Oil Blend that I got in my Curlkit( don't get me started on that thing). The Mozeke and Honey Curls I will be moisture and sealing with these to all week to see how they do in my hair.
• Last with another newbie that I got on sale at Walmart for 4$. I used this to set my rods with. It's by Giovanni, the Natural Mousse Air-Turbo Charged Hair Styling Foam. Since this is a more natural product I want to see if this will dry out my hair like the Motions.
But that was my wash day pretty pleasant!! Thanks for reading!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your wash day!. I always look forward to mine, It's like a day of pampering *smiles*. Take Care!

  2. I always look forward to my wash days too. I love some clean fresh hair. :)
    I was wondering, are you transitioning to natural or are you just a professional stretcher? LOL! I'm just at 8 wks and plan to relax at 10(hangs head in shame). I may work up to 12 eventually. I get so worried about breakage.

    1. I'm transitioning!!! I never been a girl to be able to keep up with a relaxer. So I decide to grow it out and make it easier on me. I have a daughter already trying to tear it out..LOL