Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Hair

  I want to wish every a very Happy New Years. As we already enter day 1 of the new year I wanted to write a post about my New Hairs Resolution and share it with you guys.

1. Try to retain as much length as possible. So that means I have to get protective style processed in my head because I love to wear my hair out. I'm going to try to do protective styles up until the summer except on my birthday week and on those days do hairstyle of choice.

-So that will consist of finish taking my braids out this week.

-Do braid outs for the next three Weeks. (January 6-February 1)

-Do a sew-in for 7 Weeks. (February 4- March 24)

-For the week of my birthday hairstyle of choice.

-Then I will reinstall my box braids until summer for 8 Weeks. (April 4- May 31)

2. Change up my diet a little more. Although I breastfeed I already try my best to eat the first healthy thing I see in the kitchen. Not really paying attention to how much of what I need to consume, just really eating only one thing which was mostly fruit. I'm going to try to cook more variety of foods.

3. Continue my hair challenges which are no heat and limit my trims.(dusting okay)

4. Last but not least reach my goal of APL!!!

  Also things that I want do to improve overall.

To continue my skincare routine, exercise more(add an extra day), and up my posting on my blog!

Thanks for reading!
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