Friday, January 4, 2013

Taken Down My Box Braids

Hey Guys,
  So todays post will be on how I took down my box braids protective style.
  It took me two days to take out my braids with the help of Hubby. I started from the middle and cut my hair about an inch below where my hair stopped.
  After I finished that it seem like everything went terribly wrong. I learned through trail and error on how to detangle my hair, and what to do butter next time. It seem that even though I re-did the majority of my braids. I still had a lot of product build up right were the relaxed and unrelaxed hair meet. I went thru HELL trying to get it out.       
            About 2-3 hrs!!!
I put my Aussie 3 minute miracle and tried.
I put Vo5 conditioner in and it helped a little bit.
I was so upset with that build up I was ready to do a big chop!!! But I calm down and thought of a different way to try to get the dirt out. I then decided to shampoo my hair. I put my NTM creamy shampoo, Giovanni tea tree triple invigorating shampoo, and my Vo5 clarifying shampoo all in my squrit bottle.(1 1/2oz. Shampoo & 4oz. Water) Shampooed 2x and it still didn't help. After, I applied my Tresemme Smooth & Silky that's when I was able to detangle my hair. I sectioned my hair in about 9 braids and then slathered my hair with Elasta QP Soy Oyl DC. Let then sit for about an hour an 45 minutes, rinsed and then applied Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment (will do review later), rinsed. T-shirt dry my hair for about 10 minutes or so, hair was still a little damp. I unraveled each braid greased my scalp with JBCO, applied Herbals Essence split end protector, then sealed with argan oil and then redid them. I let my hair air dry and went to sleep on my new satin pillow.
Thanks for reading!!!

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