Sunday, January 13, 2013

Color Me Up

  Hey guys I colored my hair. I know I know, kinda drastic. But I'm prepared to take on the challenge of keeping my hair extra healthy.

  I've always used a rinse that will wash out after a couple of wash day and the whole time that I had my braids in I've been obsessing over the color red. If you follow me on pinterest on my hairstyle board you would know what I mean. So the research begone! I read tons of blog, hair color sites, and YouTube videos to help me prepare. For the 8 Weeks and after I had my braids. I decided to get the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Intense Red for Dark Hair. I even went to their website for more added assistants. I got this box one cause it's easier on me with the simple one application. I put everything in the applicator bottle, mix it up, part hair and go. Simple!

  The product adds grapeseed oil to the color creme so you can start nourishing while you color. As said on the back of the box. Also it has triple oil (avocado, olive, and shea) conditioner for after you wash out your dye. But I still took extra precautions on how to wash my hair.

  So today on my regular wash day I decided to color my hair and here's how it went:

1. I followed all the directions and applied hair dye. Rinsed in cold water.

2. Shampooed 1x with my NTM creamy shampoo. Even though I dye my hair I still wanted to make sure I removed and product I had left on my hair.

3. Applied the triple nourishment conditioner from the box.

4. Applied my deep conditioner. With this I want it to be balanced with bout moisture and protein. So this is what I added coconut, grapeseed, olive, and tea tree oil. Tresemme protein treatment, NTM Daily conditioner, and Elasta QP Sol Oyl. I left this one on for I believe about 2 and a half hrs. Rinsed.

5. Applied my tea rinse which was a tea bag of green tea and one of black tea. Then coat that with a new conditioner I got for marshalls that was on sale 'The body shop volume conditioner. Rinsed.

6. Applied my Paul Mitchell SSDT and left on for the rest of my shower the rinsed.

7. T-shirt dried my hair for 30 minutes.

8. Greased my scalp withJBCO, for the length of my hair I put Herbal Essence split end protector, then sealed with oil. When my hair is a little more dry then I will apply my Cantu shea leave-in.

  The color is not as bright as a wanted but that what get if you don't bleach your hair with the developer.
  I will post pics...
Thanks for reading!!

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