Monday, December 24, 2012

Wash day @ 16 Weeks post

  I did my wash on Wednesday which was the 19th of last week. Here's how it went.

1. I Pre-poo/Deep Condition w/my Elasta QP, olive/grape seed oil, Vo5 moisture milks, & coconut oil. Left that on for about a hr and a half wrapped up real tight.
2. Rinsed that out and shampooed with 1Oz of a mixture of NTM creamy shampoo & Giovanni tea tree triple shampoo 5Oz of water. Shampooed 2x with my hair parted down the middle.
3. Rinsed that out- then poured my black tea rinse over my hair and then slathered it with Joico daliy balance conditioner. Let that sit for the remainder of my shower. Then washed that out.
4. Wrap braids up in a old T-shirt. Waited till hair was about 80% dry and then greased my scalp with my JBCO. Sprayed my Spritz all over my hair then sealed with my olive/grape seed oil, followed by my Cantu she butter.

 This washed day was really simple and quick. My hair has finally chosen the oils that works best for it, which I stated in the beginning of the post. I finally have my routine day pack a week before I take it out. Lol. I plan on taking my braids down the day after new years and I can't wait. But I'm still undecided what to do next to my hair!!
Thanks for reading!!

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