Monday, January 28, 2013

Flat Ironed Hair for Hubby's Birthday

   So I wanted to flat iron my hair for hubby's birthday on the 26th and I came up with a new process for what I think is the best thing do for my hair. I haven't flat iron my hair since before my last perm which was last year. YEAH TO ME!!! I was going to do if for my birthday, but I wanted to treat him, so I decided to do a sew-in protective style for my birthday instead. When I finished he absolutely loved it. I'm also 21 Weeks post.

   So I wanted to tell you all my process of how I flat ironed my hair yesterday.

• Hot oil treatment with my Simply Organic Black Castor Oil w/ Rosemary including vitamin e to diluting the castor oil so it wouldn't be so thick. Then after about 2 hrs I added a layer of NTM daily deep conditioner and left this in for a overnight pampering. Rinsed

• Shampooed 2x with NTM cream later shampoo. Rinsed

• Did a tea rinse with green
tea and then lather on my tressemé smooth & silky conditioner to lock the tea in for a minute or two. Rinsed

• Applied Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment that I left on for about 4 minutes. Rinsed.

• Then I deep condition with a newbie, that I received in my Dekem Divas January box, I haven't tried before call (Mini Review) Dr. Miracles Follicle Healer Deep Conditioning Treatment: The Energizing System is to fortified with tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, soy protein and  vitamin E, B3, and C, which boosts follicle and scalp health leading to beautiful, soft, shiny hair.

How to use: Apply entire content of follicle healer nourishing treatment from roots to ends and massage into your scalp. Use a plastic cap and sit under a warm dryer for 5-10 minutes or use a plastic cap with no heat for 30-45 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry, style aa usual.

My Assessment: The smell was okay, the consistency was in between thick and water, and the aftermath left my hair a tad bit dry but not harsh. My head felt like my pores were opening up, but not to the point where I was getting a headache. Overall I would like to use it again before I give a rating on the product.

Rinsed. Soak up extra water with my T-shirt.

• On damp hair applied my tressemé split end protector leave-in, my Dark & Lovely 6-week anti reversion cream, and last my tressemé heat tamer.

   I don't have a expensive flat iron but I have a faithful one that I got from Marshall some years back that does to job. It's pink that's the main reason why I keep it. But I'm going to do some research to find the right flat iron for me to invest in for future dates. But right now she will do.

   I enjoyed Hubby birthday and I greased my scalp the next day with Simply Organic JamaicanBlack Castor Oil. Moisturize & seal with my spit end protector and argan oil that I'm really like cause its so light.

Anyway that was my experience. Thanks for reading!

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