Sunday, November 4, 2012

Setback: Moisture Overload Written on 10/30

So today because of the weather all I did was watch the news and the sky outside. I was thinking and started to pull on my hair then stopped. What strand I had in my hand I decide to test it. I pull it made be 2 or 3 times before it snapped and the other side curled up really fast. My hair is really elastic and stretchable. I remember watching a hair guru that I love name doing a strand test, pulling her hair constantly between her fingers. For about a minute or two it didn't break. I mean it took her a good try to get that sucker to snap and when it did it stay straight. Her hair is perfect example of what well balance hair should look like.
How to get out of my setback?
Protein, protein, and more protein. Not to much to over load. But enough to balance out my hair so that the elasticity is strong to where I want it to be. My problem is that I love the way my hair feels and that could be the problem for my moisture overload. I'm also going to do a box braid protective style so I can retain length. So wish me luck!!

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