Sunday, November 11, 2012

Box braid Regimen

Just wanted to share how I'm taking care of my hair while its in a box braided protective style.
I make sure to keep my braids moisturize by spraying my braids with my Hawaiian 14 n 1 conditioner. Seal with my blend of oils, water, and my leave-in conditioner. Then using my Cantu to lock all the good ol moisture in. I do this to make sure the my hair is penetrated an able to with stand the weather and any styles that I do.
I did do a co-wash because I didn't wash my braids and they were making my scalp itch really bad. I did a apple cider vinegar rinse, a black tea rinse, and then left my V05 moisturizing conditioner on for the reminder of my shower. I wrap my had up in a t-shirt and left it on until the water was all soaked up.
I also bought a scalp spray that contains all nature oils to help with the itching and it's been doing its job so far. I only apply it 1-3 times a week when needed. I added vitamin E to my JBCO and apply that to my scalp every other day.
Most importantly is to still wrap your braids up at night with a scarf. So I put it in a ponytail so the back can be protected properly too.
Thanks for reading!!

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