Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Skincare

Just wanted to tell you all how glorious my skin feels right now.

Well I've always been an advocate face washer. I regularly use st. Ives face scrub any particular kind, but it tended to make my skin dry even with my moisturizer. My last cleanser that I tried was the L'oreal go 360 clean. Every time I'd wash my face no matter how hard I tried I would get it in my eyes and let me tell you it would burn terribly bad. I left it alone and just stuck with the St. Ives. I still have about 1/4 left of the product which I'm going to use to strictly clean off my make-up until I find another product from them that I like. Probably a moisturizer.

I'm trying to stay away from products with sulfates or any harmful ingredient that does damage.
So I did my research and was really drawn in by where she talks about black soap. She uses a kind that she gets in a big bulk. So I went looking for some. I have been wanting to try Ambi and when I seen that they have a black soap w/ shea butter, I had to try it.
I also been using facial masque which have been making my face feel really refresh and new!! For my moisturizer I use cocoa butter and add some oils to it!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I love my black soap! Let me tell you that stuff is amazing, and I've got terrible skin.

  2. What kinda do you use? I love the one I have because it leaves my skin soft and moisturize!!