Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wash Day....Plus Surprise!

How my hair looked when I took out my rods. I styled it with
As I Am DoubleButter Cream

Finally after 45 weeks or 11 months and some change. I chopped my ends off hunny.
Yesterday started off extremely terrible. (Family that is not related to me issues) So when  took my rods down and looked in the mirror saying to myself I'm going to do it. I didn't know where to start, just knowing that I had to wet my hair. I used my aloe vera mix to wet my hair and bring out my curls. Then sitting in front of the mirror I just went to work. I really wanted to record it but due to the terrible circumstances I just went for and took pictures instead!
So for this wash day I used Jessicurls Confident Curls sample pack that I will be review in my next post.

Here's how I washed my first TWA:
•Pre pooed with Ynobe Shop Prr-poo treat for 2 hours. No heat and no conditioning cap. Rinsed it out.
• Cleansed with Jessicurls Hair Cleansing Cream 2x. Rinsed out.
• Used Jessicurls Too Shea Extra Moisturizing Conditioner applying it from root to tip and leaving it on for 3 minutes while I detangled.
• Then I sprayed my hair with CCs Naturals Hair tea and then covered it with Aubrey's GPB Balancing Conditioner. I left this on for about 5 minutes. Rinsed well.
• After that I used Jessicurls Deep Conditioning Treatment. I left this on my hair for 2 hours. A hour with heat and a hour without. Rinsed that out in cool water.
• Last for leave-ins I used Giovanni 2chic Keratin & Argan oil leave-in and styling Elixir.  Sealed with shea butter oil and for a my styler I used Jessicurls Confident coils. Which dry in about 2 hours.  Yay fro!

I was very happy for my first all natural wash!
Also How my hair looks, I have came a long way and finally feel free from the 2 textures!!
End Results