Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Random Spotlight: Evolvee

Hey Ladies

For this featured Spotlight I had the chanced to interview a fellow blogger that I admire. She has now took her talents to new levels by creating her own Naturals tees. Now I have seen some tee's while entering the natural hair world but not any that made me want to buy until now. This was another interview that I was overjoyed to do. Ms. Shannon is such a uplifting personality that I know you will enjoy reading!

1. When and where was your company established?
My line was launched on Monday July 1, 2013. Done so from New Jersey.
2. What was the reason and/or inspiration to start this line?
Being an avid t shirt collector and lover. Coupled with being a natural hair enthusiast and lover of women empowerment.Further,  feeling  t shirts are personal forms of expression & individuality. I was compelled to start a line of my own. I felt it to be of importance to celebrate women, and natural hair. Especially since both are on the rise Women running and owning their own businesses and companies, and many are embracing natural hair. I want to also be as creative as my mind allows, in which all of these things mentioned here inspired me.

3. Why did you choose t-shirts and not something else?
The reason behind choosing a T shirt brand oppose to a hair brand is because as I am anaturalista, with a passion for natural hair. I am also a person who is an artist one who has a form of art deeply embedded in my soul. Being a former hairstylist is a form of art. I went into that directly from high school at age 19. With designing , and coming up with cool ideas for my T shirts. I feel right at home , right back to my creativity is which I love, and enjoy so very much. I really enjoy be able to get as creative as I possibly can with creating. With bold messages, and the likes. I've found that's were my roots are. In creating, and it being a form of art in designing my t shirts.
Image of Naturally Dope

4. Are you natural? If so why, how long, and please tell me about your journey?
Yes! I am a proud naturalista. Having  been natural for 4 years. To be honest my reasoning for going natural was not to have healthier hair or anything like that. My initial reason for going natural was because I thought it was beautiful, and I loved the  beauty of it.  Being a former hairstylist I worked with many hair textures but there was nothing compared to the beauty of natural hair. It wasn't until doing further research did I realize that was it not only beautiful, but and added benefit in the way of our health. By no longer relaxing, etc. As far as my natural hair journey, My journey has been a pleasant one. I keep it very simple. I wear my hair short, not much into length. with little hassle or worry. Always wore my hair in short cuts. Easy breezy is my motto.

5. What is your target goal?
My target goal for my hair is to maintain it's healthy state. My goal for my brand is to expand, expand, expand. To continue a brand that's relatable, edgy, bold,  and  with a touch of street. Hoping to have my own company. One ,that I can leave for my children. 

6.Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?
For those whose desire, dream or goal is to have your own business . I say never , ever stop dreaming, and never, ever give up. continue on with your dream. Find YOUR niche   your niche may not be like your neighbors. Find your passion. Passion is important. Its what makes and ordinary person apart from an extraordinary person. Surround yourself with like minded people, have a plan, and activate. 
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  1. Thank you so much Kenesha! I enjoyed answering your questions. Please know that you are an asset to blogging world. You offer lots, and cover many. Take care :)

    P.S after the interview I have since changed my facebook name to "Evolvee Tees" so you guys can find me under that on Facebook :)