Monday, July 29, 2013

Wash Day #2

Hey ladies.
Now I don't know if you guys would still be interested in me continuing sharing with you my wash day post. I still want to document my journey now that I'm natural. Showing you guys my ups and downs, my setbacks, and my growth.

So here what I did in this wash day:
-Pre Pooed with Ynobe shop Pre-poo Treat and I add Amla Plus Herbal Hair oil. This was left on for maybe 3 hours or so. I was busy cleaning and doing school and basically forgot that it was on.
- Cleansed with Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream 1x, but made sure I really worked it in. Rinsed well.
- Conditioner rinsed with my Tresemme concoction. Working it from root to tip making sure to get all my shed hairs out. This is becoming a great detangler.
- I didn't use my tea rinse the wash day. I replaced it with Komaza Care Honecomb Hair rejuvenator and the coated it with Audrey GPB. I left this on for 5 minutes and rinsed well.
- Deep conditioned with Hairveda Strinillah without a cap or heat for well over a hour. Rinsed well.
- For leave ins I used 4naturals Daily Treatment Leave-in on my scalp. Ouidad Sun Shield leave-in spray and sealed with Shea Butter oil. 4naturals Afro Cream Curl Cream was used for my styler. I 2 strand twisted my hair.

Very simply Wash Day!

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