Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Helpful Tip Tuesday on Wednesday!


Hair loss is common for men and women and there are many causes of hair loss. There are now believed to be two categories of hair loss. The first is hair loss that occurs with skin shedding. This type of hair loss is also called scaling and results from a skin disorder. The other type is hair loss that occurs without skin shedding. The cause is not known, but the problem affects men and women, regardless of age, race or health. There are many causes of hair loss. The problem can be hereditary, related to a poor diet or lifestyle, medications and other health conditions. There are many hair loss products on the market and hair loss vitamins to nourish the follicles and encourage hair growth. Be careful when choosing hair loss treatment products. look for a natural hair loss treatment that contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and other natural ingredients to prevent damage and heal the hair and scalp. Avoid chemical laden products that cause the hair to become dry and brittle. Hair loss is a problem on the exterior and interior areas of the body, so you need to address the problem and look for hair thinning solutions that work on the inside and the outside. A healthy diet with quality protein and other healthy foods will provide the nutrients you need for healthy hair. To make sure your nutritional needs are covered, hair loss vitamins are formulated to provide the essential nutrients needed for healthy hair growth. In addition to protein, you need B vitamins, vitamin C, D and E and several minerals and amino acids. Avoid sugar and caffeine and drink plenty of water, at least eight glasses. The water will flush the impurities from the body and hydrate the skin and hair. For best results, combine a quality natural hair loss product with a healthy diet. Choose products that contain vitamins, minerals, natural herbs and essential oils. Look at the label for ingredients like aloe, jojoba, citrus fruits, sage or rosemary. Hairobics offers products that work equally well as a hair loss treatment for men and hair loss treatment for women and are designed for all hair types. Keep the hair clean and soft by shampooing and conditioning the hair at least once a week. This removes dirt and grease from the hair and scalp, making the hair smooth and keeping the pores of the scalp clean. Proper hair care and maintenance helps to repair damage and stimulate hair growth.

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