Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Random Spotlight: Hair Flair

There are so many natural shops but no way of finding them. That is why I created Random Spotlight. To shine a light on small black own businesses that people have no clue are out there. This business sells hair bow for every curly girl texture. These bows give your texture hair that extra flair. They're funky and chic, giving you the right extra touch to your attire! So don't forget to check out the Facebook link at the bottom to see her work!!  
 I also had the opportunity of interviewing the lovely Ms. Hill and here's how it went:

When was your company established?
  My company launched in October 2012
What was the reason and/or inspiration to start this line? 
 I started my own line because the natural hair shops that I came across were too expensive for my personal budget.
Why haircare?
 I wanted to wear and help make available cute hair pieces that I felt would add a little flair to naturals' tresses.
Are you natural? If so why and please tell me about your journey?
 I am a proud natural of 3 years and 9 months old ;) I choose to return to my natural roots because I was not happy with relaxers. Ever since I was a child I had been wanting to get away from them but could not at that age. When I became an adult and in college I was encouraged to seek after knowledge for being natural after seeing others who wore and had very beautiful natural hair. I waited about a year before actually taking steps to return to being natural. I searched to see what others had done to get rid of relaxed hair and what options I would have. I then stopped relaxing for 6 months and then chopped my relaxed ends. I had a small fro. I was so relieved and yet a little anxious at the same time because I did not know everything that I would experience or what to do outside of being relaxed for so long. Over time and after continuously going to YouTube  I begin how to care for my hair. For my first year, I contemplated going back especially since everyone that I knew did not seem to think that I should stay natural. I refused to go back and hashed it out. I encourage anyone who wants to go natural to do it no matter if you have one person, 10 people, or no one to cheer you on. It's your hair! Love it naturally!
What is your target goal?
 My target goal is to provide beautiful hair pieces for everyone, natural or not, that anyone can purchase and enjoy.
Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?
 I am a proud mother of 3 beautiful children and the other whole to my sweetheart Justin Young of Real Natural Tees. I enjoy spending time with my family and making my bows as well as other crafts.



  1. I love the concept of behind your doing here Random Jamacian.

    Love the bows, super cute!. Thanks for your passion with us *smiles*. Take care!

  2. I meant thanks for *sharing* your passion with us (sorry)

    1. I understood what you meant!! Thanks For you Support. You always bring a smile to my face!!