Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Random Spotlight: Zuri Handmade

Today's post will be another feature in my Random Spotlight Small Business Series. This duo, i had no clue was a duo, has a hair & body line featuring products for all of you natural needs. I enjoyed this interview and I hope you do to. I felt like I got a personal tour inside there business! !! If you want anymore information about Zuri click the links at the end of the interview!

(Lauren) answers are in black and Rachel's answers are in Red.

1.When was your company established? 
Zuri Handmade was officially founded in 10/2012. But the practice of creating our own hair and beauty products start well over 5 years ago. There are 2 owners to Zuri (Lauren and Rachel)

2. What was the reason and/or inspiration to start this line? I (Rachel) went natural 8 years ago. At that time it finding hair products free from parabens, chemicals and sulfates were extremely difficult in my region. So learning what oils, butter and herbs help my specific hair I just started experimenting with my mixer. Then friends and family became interested. Things just blossomed from there. I (Lauren) am natural also. I have been natural since 2005 so roughly 8 years as well. I am more into the body part of the line. As our line includes products for hair, body and home. I have very sensitive skin and I can’t tolerate bath and body works and brands like that. So, I have been creating my own concoctions for years. My inspiration were the many other people out in the world like me who want to smell great, but can't tolerate chemicals on their body.
3. Why haircare? I (Rachel) have always had a strong interest and passion for hair care. It is just in my blood. Rachel is our hair mixologist as well as a licensed cosmetologist so I leave the mixing to her, but for me I believe  haircare is important. For years we have just gone to the hair dresser sat down and got fried, dyed, and laid to the side. It is time for us to start taking our hair back and using products that not only make us look good, but are good for our hair as well.

4. Are you natural?  If so why and please tell me about your journey?
I went natural 8 years ago. No transition just clipper to my head. My journey was just that simple. No transition. Nothing. I wanted my hair to grow past my shoulders and not be limp lifeless after relaxers.My (Lauren) journey was simple. Relaxers were making my curly hair straight and my hair brittle. It had to go! I did transition. I didn't just BC... I don't even think they had that term for it back then, but I just grew out my hair until I eventually cut all of the relaxer off.

5. What is your target goal?
   HEALTHY HAIR. I do not have length goals. Even though I am a stylist I in no way shape or form enjoy doing my hair since I am constantly doing others hair. My hair grew very long after having my second child. I was happy and content that my hair does indeed grow.  But I have not worn it long ever since.  As long as my hair is healthy I am happy. 
My target for the business is to grow.  think big, dream big, and aim big. I want Zuri to be a a big brand, but with a small business feel. I want to connect with our customers and let them know that they are more than just an order. We take their input about our products seriously. We definitely want to do events where we can network with our customers and other business owners and really connect. Our plans are to have a storefront, but also teach classes for soap making, body products as well as other DIY classes. These are mostly geared towards children and teens, but you never know we may get it going for adults too.  Overall we want to show the generations coming up that they too can own and operate their own business.

6. Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?
 Zuri mean Beauty in Swahili. Our company represents both your inner and outer beauty. The owners are Lauren and Rachel. Lauren does all of the creations on the body and home side of the company while Rachel focuses on the hair side, but she does our candles too. We cater to the whole family. So, we have products for Men, women, and children. You can view and shop with us at www.zurihandmade.com there they will find the links to our Blog, Facebook, and Pinterest pages. Also, we are on Twitter and IG under Zurihandmade. In addition to hair and body products we sell soy candles, Eco-friendly laundry detergent, soap, Bulk butters, oils, botanicals and so much more for individuals and companies. We hope to see you and get to know many of you soon!


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