Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Blog Challenge

Hey guys
This post is extremely late because today is the 5th and this was suppose to be posted and started on the 1st. I signed up thru Pound Cake's Blog. (Click link to sign up cause that linky code is mad I'm to lazy)
The directions are simple and easy to do so read below. You can also sign up thru CREATIVEGIRLMEDIA.COM
Also if you follow me on instagram (Links on the side) I am also doing the #ohcurlchallenge #photochallenge!!
Thanks for reading!!!


  1. The photo challenge is it a instagram thing?

  2. I always miss out on these. I'm just seeing this and we're already a week in. Ugh. Good luck, though.

    1. It's okay I'll post one for next month! ! Thanks