Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wash day @36 weeks post

Happy Mother's Day!!!


I hope your week was better then mines. My week was down in the beginning and then builded up to great day on Friday. I'll share in my next post. I will be adding mini reviews to some of my wash days post so you can know how I feel about my staples.

Anyway, while having a conversation with a fellow natural that had transition out here in Vegas. She shed light on my breakage and lack of moisture problem. I have found out the the water out here is so hard it could crack cement.Hubby said we have a water softener but the water still feels funny to me. So I'm still on a mission to keep a proper moisture level in my hair.

So after I flat iron my hair I believe either Monday or Tuesday my roots were on the frizzy side. This Vegas weather is no joke. So my hair went into braid outs for the remanded of the week. What I used to achieve my braid outs was my home made spritz/Elasta QP olive & mango Moisturizer, Olive oil, Aunt Jackie's Curl La la, and Honeychile Hairlove Hibiseus & Orange Peel Hair Butter.

My review for Aubrey's is that I love love love this product. It is apart of my rotating staples. I used this alone, as a pre poo, and added to my deep conditioner. Each time it amazes me more and more how soft it makes my hair. I consider this a light protein treatment because I only see about 2 things listed. It is more filled with nourishing items that conditions the hair.

Here's how today's wash day went!

  • Pre pooed with Ynobe shop pre poo treatment for a hour with & without heat. I sat outside for bout 20 minutes in the sun cuz it's so hot here and that heated up the pre poo just fine. 
  • Shampooed 1x with Purgasm Shop Poo Bar and 1x with my Joico shampoo. Rinsed well with lukewarm water. 
  • Applied Aubrey's GPB Balancing Conditioner for about 1-2 minutes. Rinsed with lukewarm water.
  • I forgot that I had a sample hair tea bag from CCs Naturals that a nice lady gave to me. I soaked in boiling water overnight in a coffee mug, then in the morning I poured it into my spray bottle. I was suppose to spray it on before I did the Aubrey's but since I forgot I did it afterwards. This I left on for about 1-2 minutes as well. Then rinsed out in lukewarm water. 
  • Deep Conditioned with 2 pillow packs of Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment. I felt like trying something new. I didn't think 2 was gonna work, but once I worked it in it coated my hair nicely. This I left on for 45 mins-1 hour. Rinsed in cool water. The Jessicurls had my whole head soft and my new growth was popping curls left and right. I definitely want to try again for sure before giving my finally thoughts!!! 
  • For my leave in I used another sample. This one was by ily. I applied it on damp hair after I t-shirt method my hair for a couple of minutes. This added a light softness to my hair. Then I locked it in with Olive oil and seal it in with a dime amount of Honeychile Hairlove Hibiscus & Orange Peel Hair Butter. This combination worked absolutely well with my hair. My hair wasn't overload with product. My hair felt light and fluffy. Not one stitch of dry brittleness throughout my hair. I'm extremely happy right now. Just want to see if this will last. I then styled my hair with a sample someone gave me of Flaxseed gel. This smelled absolutely yummy. It gave me extra light moisture and a medium hold. Loved it!!! 

Today's wash day was really pleasant and I'm loving the combination I used!!!!

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