Friday, January 3, 2014

Haul #5 + Black Friday Purchases

Hi Guys

Here's all I have collected since my last Haul post. Including my two Black Friday purchase. Please follow me on Instagram for any new updates I may have that I can share through pictures! 

Tresemme Naturals original formula. When ever I am in a store I look in the back behind the new bottles of this product and sometimes find old bottles. So in this pic and the one at the bottom I lucked up. When I started my transition journey I didn't try this product but now that I'm full natural I wanted to give it a try.

This I won on Camille Rose Naturals Facebook page in a picture contest and it has now become my rotating staple cleansing conditioner. 
Hopefully you are familiar with my Random Spotlights. I have featured Mrs. Marcy and her lovely soaps. Her black Friday sale was 3$ for a bar of soap for 2 hours only. I did post a pic on Instagram for those that didn't know about this.

Again Please follow me on Instagram because I am now trying to learn to coupon and below are two of my fashion finds from the lovely coupon community. 

Sally's Beauty supply had a sale on these for 2 for 11$. I heard great reviews on this line. So being that my hair is color treated I could pass on a deal. So far they are truly keeping my hair balanced!

I lucked on this from my swap group and been in love every since

Last is my staple haul. I recieved the three Almond Jai and Curlaide in a swap. But for the Hairveda I purchased on Black Friday. Now I was patient and received these a day after Christmas. Being that they are a small business and that I too will be starting my own I have to remember that large orders take time.

Small Haul this time and I'm very pleased with myself. Did you do any Black Friday Shopping?

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