Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wash day @ 6 weeks post

Yesterday was a very lazy wash day because I pre pooed for about 3 hours.
Here's how it went:

Pre pooed with Ynobe Shop Pre poo treat for 3 hours with no cap. I really love how this conditioner just soaks into my hair. 

Cleansed with Soutanicals Curl Detox. I only had enough for one application because I received this product from one of the lovely ladies that is in the group I'm in on Facebook. Then shampooed with Joico K-pak Color Therapy shampoo. This shampoo I love because I can always come back to it and get great results from it.

Then I conditioner rinsed with my faithful Aubrey GPB. Working this from root to tip and gently detangling while I massaged it in. I did this for about 3 minutes. 

Deep conditioned with Hairveda Sitrinillah for 45 minutes. I used a cap and applied heat so that my strands could really get penetrated. This conditioner really leaves my hair extra soft and moisturized.

For leave ins I used Ouidad Sun shield, sealed with grapeseed oil, then locked that in with Curl Enhancing Smoothie. To give it some extra help on the style department I took a quarter size of The Mordern Hippie Hair Gunk and ran it through my hair. When Iit dried I did see some white flakes but once it completely dried it was gone. Now that I big chop it seems like there so many more products out there that I haven't tried and it seems to be making it more harder to find out what my hair loves from what it doesn't love. 

Very nice wash day. How was yours? 


  1. I have been putting off my wash day because I dread it so much XD

    Alex @ Napturally Lex | My Latest Giveaway

  2. Mine was short and care free, which is very rare for me. I only co-washed today (full wash day will be on Tuesday).