Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wash Day @ 3 Weeks Post Big Chop

Hey ladies.

I wasn't going to wash my hair until Sunday but when I woke up this morning to refresh my hair, there were flakes EVERYWHERE. Um no!!! I co washed my hair in an attempt to do a wash and go with Ouidad Curl Quencher Hydrafusion & Climate Control Gel. My curls were nice and defined but after my hair dried my curls were slightly hard. Was not feeling this combination at all. I'm glad it was just sample packs! So for this wash day I will be using the Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter line.

Here's how today went:

• Pre pooed with Ynobe shop mixed with Amla Hair oil for a hour with out heat or a cap.
• Shampooed with Elasta QP Amti-breakage Moisture Butter shampoo. I washedy hair twice and rinsed well.
• Sprayed hair with CCs hair tea and then covered it with Aubrey's GPB. Massaged it in for a good while from root to tip for about 3 minutes. Rinsed well under cool water.
• Deep conditioned with Blue Roze Beauty Strawberry Hibiscus Deep Conditioner that I received in my Honey Bee Inspired Box. I deep conditioned with this for more then 2 hours with and without heat. Rinsed out in cool water.
• For leave ins I used the Elasta QP Olive oil & Mango butter spray. Greased my scalp with Crazy Natural's All in one oil. Styled With the Elasta QP Curl Pudding.

The top pic is when I applied the deep conditioner to half my hair just to see how it would take and my curls were popped. The bottom pic is after I washed it out!:):):)

So far I am 3 weeks in with my TWA, besides from shrinkage, and I am loving it! I have found my staples before and will be sticking with them. I also love experimenting with new products or I wouldn't be a product junkie!:)

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