Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review* #15 Kainat Josephiné

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This product I never really heard anybody talking about it. Even though I'm relatively new to learning about products that have been out for a while. I found out about it on Facebook. I'm a sucker for a good body cream. So I received this product about a week after I had a few conversation over email with the owner who was extremely nice.

Kainat Josephiné Wax Free Moisturizing Cream: 4oz- 15$

Promises: Our mission is two fold: to help people look and feel their best without damaging their skin and body; and to bring all types of people together to express their individuality. 

Directions: Apply a small amount of cream to the hair as a styling aid or moistu or to the skin as a refreshing balm. Great for locking hair, as a general pomade, or melted down as a hot oil treatment.

Ingredients: Lanolin, Honey, Natural Fragrances

My review: The package is very updated and chic. You can really tell that the Ms. Kathy took her time in her presentations of the container. I love it all around. The logo and the colors really blend well togather.

The customer service was on a rate of 1-10 I give it a 9. I was emailed timely and politely.

The texture of this product is a super thick consistency.  Like a mix of honey and wax not really much of a creme that I am use to. It is not easily spreadable especially on skin. I tried it on my son when he got out of the bath and got these first results. When I then tried it on my skin I felt coated in a nice way. Like the moisture was sealed into my skin.

The smell of the cream is sandalwood and it smells so light. I truly enjoyed smelling myself with this cream on. Every time I open it open I just have to take a deep whiff of it. It's not overbearing but is still strong enough to linger around for a while.

When using it on my hair I felt it was better used as a sealent because of how it coated on my skin and it did will. I used it during the week when I touched up my hair. It left my hair heavy. I might have used to much or a wrong combination. I think it just would better to follow directions and us a little to seal on my hair. I think it would be a better fit for ladies with thicker hair to use as moisturizer. I did also used it to slick down my edges and it did a great job on holding them in place. I would like to see how it would work when I flat iron my hair. As on their website is stated that it would be good for that!

Will I be repurchasing this product. I don't think so because of the price for a 4oz container.  

My grade C+

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