Friday, June 7, 2013

Random Spotlight: Hairitage Hydration

For this Random Spotlight I have always admire these products from when I first seen them on Just Grow Already's blog. She spoke so highly of her hair care products. Being a mother and small business owner she is a inspiration to others that when you have a idea go for it or you will never know the out come. So I had the opportunity of asking Ms. Sheena a few questions and this is how it went.

 1. What was the reason for establishing your business?

The reason I established my business is because I really didnt have a choice. I was looking for work and I couldnt find any. I had to make my own job. So I started this Hairitage Hydration. Its been a labor of love. I Love working for myself. I love creating and learning and growing everyday. I love interacting with my fans on my Facebook page. So this is becoming much more then a business to me... its my life now.

 2. Do you have a goal for your business?

  My goals for my business is to inspire other businesses, single mothers or anyone and tell them that you can do what you set your mind to. Nothing is hard nor impossible. Its rather easy. I work a lot with other people that are in the start up process and if I can inspire one person to let go of  fear and dont think, do try, just do it, that will make me happy.

 3. Are you natural? If so could you tell me about your journey?

I am natural. I had locs before natural was popping. I had them for about 6 years. I just combed them out about 3 months ago. So Im learning. I have not had much luck with doing my regualar hair, so I have been wearing my hair in Havanah Twist and Patra Braids.

 4. Do you have any tips for our follow readers on their journey?
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No, I need some tips from them on  I guess my tip would be dont fall in and out of fads. If you have been doing an ACV rinse for years and it works for you, dont stop doing it because some person suddenly says its bad for your hair. Know your hair. Do what works for it. 

  5. What influence you to do what you do?
I influence me to do what I do. I wanted to be the person I looked up to... If I can look up to me, my daughter can look up to me and grow into someone she can look up to. 

6. Is there anything else you would like your readers to know?

Hemp Nostalgia 8ozI would like the readers to know Create something everyday, let life be imperfect, be kind, use your imagination, have a grateful heart, be yourself, dream big.


  1. Great spotlight. Very nice to meet the owner of hairitage hydration. She shares great inspiration. Take care.

  2. This interview cannot be her true words because Sheena speaks as though she ignorant. She has ripped folks off in products and lying about ingredients. She is a liar..Do not buy anything from her. She keeps and DIRTY house. Check instagram and her fakebook..NASSSSSTEEEE

  3. Love it!!! And yes the products are awesome!