Sunday, June 9, 2013

Obia Review* #14 & Giveaway (CLOSED)

Okay folks
This is the second giveaway of the month long giveaways of June!

 If you didn't read the title and your like me all you seen was This one is sponsored by the wonderful team of OBIA Naturals Haircare. This one will run from the 9th and end at 11:59p.m. on the 15th!

Okay Reviewww!!
OBIA Naturals Trail Pack includes Curl Hydrating Spray(2oz), Curl Enhancing Custard(2oz), Curl Moisture Cream(1oz)- 10$ Coconut & Shea Shampoo Bar(4oz)- 10$

 My review: Lets start with the packaging. I like that the black label brings out the pink in label. The jars are a nice size for the price, just wish the moisture cream was 2oz as well to really get the full experience of the product. I know it would be hard for women of thicker hair to get any use out of that sample.

As for customer service they were very timely in getting back to me and very detailed with the answers to my questions. I know I did ask another question that took a couple of days but I was apologies to for the delay in the response. I was also giving a tracking number in no time!

The pricing of their products range from 10$ to 18$ with the sizes ranging from 4 to 12oz. I honestly think the prices are great being that the shipping is 2.99$ FLAT RATE in the US and FREE for shipping for orders over 50$. Alot of companies have gone up on the shipping prices and this company made sure you still get a great bang for your bucks!!!:)

The texture and consistency of each product worked well for my hair. Each item was light to absorb and not to leave a lot of product on your hair. Them cream was creamy and the custards texture reminded me of lemon pudding.

The first one I tried was the spray. I used just the Curl Hydrating Spray alone to re-rod my day old hair. The next day when I took out the rods my hair was soft and my curls were well defined with just the spray. Next I tried using the Curl Enhancing Custard. I sprayed the sprayed sealed with a little jojoba oil and then roded with the custard. The next day when I took them out my hair was flaking. Now this could be because I already had product on my hair. When I did my mid week co wash using again just the spray and custard. My hair was once again given great softness and locked in alot of moisture! Down side is the I still seen flakes at my roots. Now for wash day is when I used the shampoo bar. I know I said I was going to try the no poo method and see how that does on my scalp. But the poo bar is all oils and conditioning properties. So I'm thinking okay more conditioning for my hair. Nope my hair did not like it. It felt extremely stripped and dry out even under water. But I will be giving it another try to see how it would work on my all natural hair. Plus I did use the cream before the custard and guess what No Flakes. I was truly happy about that because I find the custard to be so moisturizing!!!

Will I be repurchasing? I really like how the Curl Hydrating Spray did exactly what it was supposed to do which was hydrate, giving me soft curls. So will be buying that again.

 My Grade B++

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