Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review #13 Green Goop Growth Creme

Hey ladies

This review I was itching to do. In the group that I am in on Facebook. The ladies are talking about it left and right. Doing research (google) on the product I didn't find any reviews so you know that this product is new but still ripe for the picking.

Anyway upon sending a few emails to Ms. Deborah.  I can tell you I was given great customer/blogger service. She was extremely detailed ^ with her product and very timely with shipping it out, with a tracking #, the next day!!

Okay DISCLAIMER: This product states it's a creme but being that it does have natural oils & ingredients. Traveling through shipping & heat. It does melt, like mines did. But Ms. Deborah did state this on her Facebook & email that it would do this.

Green Goop Growth Creme: 2oz-13 $ 2-2oz 24 $ 3-2oz 33 $ 4-2oz 42 $

Emollients and moisturizers soften dry hair and support length, slowing breakage and thinning. Chinese herbal extracts stimulate scalp, encourage hair growth and correct itchy problem scalps.

Here's a pic of how it looks when it's not in liquid form
My Review: I have been using this 1oz jar for almost a month now and I feel that I used it will enough to review. So like I stated in the disclaimer, my goop did not come as a creme more as a oil. I did put it in the fidge to get it back to a solid. But because of this Vegas heat when I went back to use it, it was back to liquid. I know that that was beyond the producer control so it was totally understandable to me. Anyway I used this product on freshly washed hair in all my recent wash day post with no product or anything on my damp hair! Then for the week up to this post I used it everyday. I know the instructions say use every day twice a day. But to each its own I say. The reason I didn't use it was honestly because of the smell. It was a little to strong to me at first but after I found a combination to tone it down I began to use it regularly. The smell is a earthy herbal tea smell. I perfer a more sweet smelling to my hair care products. Packing is very convenient for the size. The opening is big enough to get every bit of grain and oil out!!!! The texture is oily and gritty at the same time but once you rub it between your fingers or on your scalp it melts instantly. To me thats how you know it's packed with all kinds of organic rich goodness!!!! Like promised I could feel my scalp tingle and my pores opening. It did stop any itching that I had through out the week or for styling whit is a plus. I definitely want to get another batch before I put my protective style box braids back in because it will help a ton with the itch I get from them. My Grade- A-



  1. You weren't kidding when you said gritty lol

    So is this like a daily leave-in? What makes you want to try some more? Did you notice any changes in breakage or slip?

    1. I know right...lol

      It is a a scalp moisturizer more say. But you don't have to stop there you can use it for more things. But I only choose to use it on my scalp.
      The reason I want to use it again is that I have a bad itching problem when my hair starts to grow and this product instantly soothe the problem.
      As for breakage, I haven't been getting any breakage in a while. For slip once I used this and then a leave in I did notice that it helped with my detangling.

      I hope that answered your questions

  2. Is it supposed to help increase growth as well since it's called growth creme? Did you notice any increase in growth at all?

  3. Interesting product. Sounds awesome. Keep us updated to your progress using this product. And thanks for introducing this to us. Take care.

  4. I'm glad that it worked out for you, too bad I won't be able to try it, there won't be any left by the time I get it here in Trinidad lol

    1. You never know. It might be oil like it was for me!!