Monday, February 4, 2013

Wash day @ 22 Week Post (Saturday)

Hey guys it's wash day!!!
   I said in my last post that I was going to use the Hydrathema Naturals today. But I forgot today is my clarifying day. Gotta make sure you rid your hair of old product or your hair won't grow. A clean scalp is a healthy growing scalp! Here's a run down.
1. Pre-poo doing a HOT oil treatment with coconut oil, argan oil, simply organics oil JBCO, vitamin e oil, tea tree oil, glycerin, & honey. I heated the oils in the microwave for about 15 second and then added the honey. I seen someone post about just using coconut oil and honey as their Pre-poo so I wanted to try something new with added the honey. I left it in overnight and by morning when I was surprised. My hair. felt nice, coated, and soft. I will be using this option from now on. Rinsed.
2. Shampooed 2x with Giovanni tea tree triple clarifying shampoo. I put 1oz in my squirt bottle with 3oz of water. I do this so it can distribute easily throughout my scalp without it just going to one spot on my head and I have to rub it in causing tangles. Rinsed.
3. I did a hard protein treatment with
my Joico K-pak Reconstruct protein treatment which I left on for 5 minutes as directed. Rinsed.
4. Tea rinse with both black & green tea. I didn't really leave in for long after I put my Tressemè conditioner over top of it. Rinsed.
5. I applied my PMSSDT for about 5 minutes as well. Rinsed.
6. Deep conditioned with my Elasta QP only nothing else. Left it on for about 3-4 hrs with and without heat. Rinsed.
7. Applied leave-ins with right now it is Tressemè split end protector. Sealed with the Hydratherma oil and left air dry.
  Once it was about 95% dry I used Curl Prep Sweet Buttah as a styler/moisturizer to do my braid out. (Review coming soon) Then sealed that in with argan oil. Thats how my wash day went! Feel free to tell me about yours!!!
Thanks for reading!!

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