Thursday, December 13, 2012

Box Braid Protective Style: Moisturizing

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share with you guys how I keep my hair properly moisturize while I'm doing my box braid protective style.
  The basics of my moisturizing process is to still follow the L.O.C. Method. But I do change it up when I feel that my hair needs that extra boost. When I did my co-wash last week I used my new growth Spritz as my liquid, my grape seed/olive oil mix, and then to seal all that goodness with my Cantu shea butter leave in repair cream. When I do this on my braids I make sure to be a little heavy handed on the products to make sure it penetrates. So that way I could go a whole week with out having to put anything on again. I may spray a little Spritz to freshen my hair up but thats about it.
I know I did a good job when days later I can squeeze a braid between two fingers and get a creamy residue on my finger. I know you thinking RESIDUE ewww or RESIDUE product build up. But no its very light where I know my hair is not parched and in need of something to drink. Now the other day when I was redoing some braids, my ends were dry dry. I sat down grab the Cantu, dab a little on my finger, and apply it to each individual braid. That was about 2 days ago and I still have moisture in my braids.
I try not to over power my hair with products either were my hair can not dry or its to much moisture it will just sit in the braids and on top of my hair. You still have to keep your hair well balance even though its protected. I know it my be hard to listen to your hair in this style, I say just have good judgment.
I hope this post was helpfully! Feel free to comment and let me know what you do to moisturize your protective styles!!

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