Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wash Day

Relaxed @ 4 Weeks post.
Well I washed my hair on 9/29-30. The night before I decided to do a all night deep conditon on dry hair. So I oil my scalp with my blend of oils and then put in my Elasta QP Soy OYL. Well I didnt get uo right away when I woke up, I decided to relax in the bed for a little while. Bit while I eas relaxing the back of my head started to itch. I proceed to rub it but that made it worst so I went to get in the shower. I did my regular routine with my shampoo and then condition but it only eased the itching for a little while. I did my normal leave-ins, air dry, and then tie down with a scarf but its still itching in the back.
So that was a miss!!!
Doing a little shopping this afternoon will report back soon.

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