Sunday, September 23, 2012

Second beginning!!

So I had my second baby within two years and this time its was a girl.
But now I have became a SAHM. So I decided three things. First, start to workout, second get really focus on my healthy hair regimen, and third start growing my blog. With my hair journey I always had a passion for hair with braiding, weaves, and other various things. I continue to develop my skills and I would like to include you with my experience!
Well with my workout, I started with the biggest loser workout vid. After I get my oldest ready and off to school. Then get my second little one he's breakfast, I promptly start my workout @ 9. Doing my warm up and and actual exercise takes all about 30 mins. I then get a healthy breakfast and count my calories for the rest of the day.
With my healthy hair journey I actually started in April and really did see results. But I started getting lazy towards the end of my pregnancy. I wasn't really doing my co-washes,  was pushing back my wash days, and most importantly I was not wrapping my hair up at night :-(  So now I started trying knew products to help target my hairs weakness and see what works for my hair. I'm protecting my hair to keep it moisturize and keeping up with my washes. I will keep you posted on any new things I try. I've already become a product junkie!!!!
With growing my blog, I'm doing it now with just writing about my life!!

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