Sunday, December 11, 2011

Golden Oldies

So I work in a assisted living facilty as a CNA. But it feels like im still working at a nursing homw sometimes. But i felt like today was goin to be like any other day, but today my residents had me laughing all shift. Well my co-worker stop me and proceeded to tell me a saying she had for her husband.
Co-worker-" So Mrs.Smith did your husband come today"
Mrs.Smith-" no! Hes like a bad penny"
Co-worker-" Why???"
Mrs. Smith-" cuz he always shows up!"
That well that had me dieing laughing until we had to bring residents to dinner. When i enter her room she was in the bathroom trying to get her dentures right. When she was trying to put the, what seem to look like poligrip, on her dentures. I took it from her to help and when i turned it over to read it, it said VAGISIL!!!!!

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