Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wash day @ 19 Weeks post Big Chop


Okay this morning I was on Facebook and someone posted Naptural85 Co-wash Method. Now that I have changed up my washing regimen to strictly co-washing through the winter you know I had to try it. So in her video she basically applies conditioner to her hair, then seals it with her oil mixture, and does a little detangling before pinning it up. She then rinses it out the conditioner, applies cold Aloe Vera juice, and then seals it with oil before rinsing it again.

So for my wash day I applied my staple Ouidad Co-Wash cleanser to dry hair and then sealed it with my oil mixture. Okay once I rinsed it out after adding a little water to lather it up I realize okay this is just like adding extra oils to your conditioner to give you added slip. Don't get me wrong my hair smelled amazing, it did give it added softness, and the slip was definitely on point so I am not complaining. Once I rinsed that out really good my choice of rinse out conditioner/detangler was Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Conditioner. For DC I used Marie Dean Seaweed & Rice deep conditioner and since I was coating my hair with oils I coated this with my oil mixture which I left on for about 2 hours. Last I applied Hairveda Whipped Ends and styled with the Whipped Gelly. I was pleased with the out come but the shrinkage was off the hook!!

How was your Wash Day?!!

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  1. I'm ashamed to say I haven't washed least two weeks now 0_o This coming from a former staunch weekly washer.

    Since the weather has cooled I haven't wanted to take the time to actually blow dry my hair. I usually let it air dry but it's too cold for that now.