Saturday, October 12, 2013

Transitioning Tips

I know that I am not transitioning any more but I wanted to tell you guys some tips I learned while transitioning to natural.

1. It is not wise to type your hair.

Now if you find that it helps you much and it works, keep doing it. But most time when you do and you find that your hair is not looking like others it just leads to disappointment. Believe me I'm not saying it is wrong but you could be chasing a dream down a endless road.

2. Do what's best for you and your hair.

Don't let these veteran naturals tell you what to do with your hair. First of all it is YOUR HAIR! Your the one that has to live with it. Your the one that has to wear it on your head. Your the only one growing it.

3. Being a "product junkie" is not necessarily a bad thing.

Once you go natural how are you to know what works for your hair and what doesn't. You'll have some things your hair loves, some things your hair hates and some things your hair will get use to. An then what? Things happen along your journey like being protein sensitive or being allergic to a certain ingredient. Yes I understand that is why you get samples but if you get samples form every product line of every one of there products, then you will become a sample junkie. An some companies don't even give you enough in their one little same pack so then you end up get more then one. All this just to see if you will like the product.

4. Read the Ingredients. 

The best thing to do for your hair and yourself is to read the products label. My advice would be to try and seek out all natural product makers, but if your unable to do that have to go to the locate store/beauty supply to pick up you everyday needs. Stop for a minute and go over the label. Those words that you have never heard of or are unable to pronounce may be bad for you. Now at the base of your hair stand is the bulb and what supplies the strand to grow is blood. If your opening up your hairs cuticles and letting harmful chemicals seep through then there going right to your blood stream. Which is potentially hazards to you and can lead to cancers or long term illness because these agents are not meant for those kind of use. Water should be the first ingredient or in the first couple of names. Water based products give your hair optimal moisture.

5. Water & Oil is your best friend.

I know they don't mix but in your hair journey they definitely do.
You can have not a product in on your shelf. But as long as you have some rain water and oil your hair will be more then find. Oil is the perfect sealant be you relaxed or natural. Just make sure that they penetrate your hair and not just sit on top of it.

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