Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby fatt!!!

Well i'm watching the steeler vs kansas city when some family friends arrive. They see my son and beginning pickin him up because he a chucky man for 5 months. The precide to refer him in size to a cinder block because he is solid. I kinda don't mind because his father started the whole thing just being playful. But to be honest i'm kinda a little affend because i feel as long as he's healthy he is okay. He's ped did not inform me that there was a problem i honestly don't feel that i need your input. My boyfriend's friend proceeds to say that i need to keep his weight undercontroll before he has breathing problems. First i had to controll myself because she doesn't have any kids of her on. I politly let her know that my son is heathly and i do not over feed my son its just BABY FATT!!!

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  1. ARe you kidding me? People that talk like that have a weight issue themselves. Babies by nature are self regulating. They want food? you feed them, they only get overweight if someone else interfers. I've had 3 boys they all chunky to start. I've now got a 13yrold that looks like a pencil! They need that weight to support their growth. Your son is adorable nad look at him sitting himself off by himself! Healthy muscles too!